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With the technology available at our fingertips in this day and age, it makes it possible for us to do almost anything on our mobile devices. From listening to music to online banking, Australian gamblers are now even more spoilt for choice, with the option to play at online casinos from their Android enabled smartphones.

If you wish to open an account at your chosen online casino to play your favourite casino games, look no further. We at Top Australian Casinos have it all for you with our easy, comprehensive guide on how to get started.

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Opening an Android Casino Account

Here are a few short steps on opening your Android casino account:

  • Go to the sign-up page of your chosen casino.
  • On this sign-up page, you will provide some personal details, which include you choosing a username, password and banking method.
  • Once your ID and account are verified, you will be able to start depositing and playing like a pro on your mobile phone.

Android online casinos

A Little More on The Android Browser

If you have decided to play at an online casino from your Android enabled smartphone, then you have two choices as to how you will play.

  1. From your Android browser.
  2. Through an Android app.

If you choose to go through your browser, you will be able to play either through Google Chrome or Firefox. You should be able to download these browsers from the Play Store, that is, however, only if your current browser is unable to support the online casino.

Depending on the casino that you have chosen, using your browser may be your only option as some casinos have yet to develop an app.

The Android App

There are quite a few online casinos out there that have made the effort of creating their very own app. If you choose to gamble with one of these casinos, it would be a good idea to download their app as the app is tailor-made to be used on mobile devices. This ensures user-friendliness and a more enjoyable gaming experience. The app is better than browser gameplay due to the fact that it was made easier to use. In no way are we putting down browsers, however, they are much better suited to a larger screen. Apps are considered better for a smaller screen.

Downloading the app:

  • You can find it by searching for it on either the Play Store or the homepage of your chosen casino.
  • When you download, you will be expected to accept a few terms and conditions.
  • Then just like a normal website, you are expected to follow the prompts, whereby you provide the correct details.
  • When you wish to withdraw your winnings or deposit money into your casino accounts, you will be able to link your mobile phone to your account to do so.

That’s a Wrap

Whichever casino game you would like to play, or Android device that you would like to play on, it is now possible to do so with these casinos, Android enabled apps and browsers. We at Top Aus Casino would recommend that anyone with an Android device, try out an Android casino. You will not regret it, as the fun is as real as the wins.