Secret to Success Behind the Luckiest Lotto Kiosks in WA is Revealed

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If you are an Aussie that takes part in the lottery, you will know that your greatest aim is to beat the enormous odds against you and buy the ticket that brings that life changing win!

In a recent South Perth Southern Gazette article, the owners of lotto kiosks dotted over Western Australia are searching the secret to produce these amazing scores.

Secret Behind Lucky Lottos

Many Lottery business owners rely highly on the big payouts of their businesses as well as the publicity they get thereafter. Raj Selvendra, owner of Here’s Luck Lottery Centre in Cloverdale being one of them. Often when a winner is announced, a lot of publicity goes toward the winner, however, be sure to look out for the details attached about the ticket station that assisted their success.

Based on the announcements made as to where the winner purchased their ticket, others playing the lotto may go and buy tickets at that specific ticket station. Lotto houses tend to make success of the intangible faith of the Australian players place on them.

Selvendra has owned his kiosk in Belmont Forum shopping centre for 15 years, to which he has seen 26 Division One winners. He further states that the ‘Here’s Luck’ kiosk allows for at least two Division One winners annually.

Secret to Lottery Success

Luckiest Lotto Seller Secret

Due to the incredibly improbable streak that this kiosk holds, they are now considered to be “WA’s Luckiest Lotto Seller”. When asked why he thinks the kiosk holds this title, Selvendra gave an interesting perspective. He claims that he feels that they are number one due to the feng shui of the shop, he further stated that every year he gets a master of feng shui to come from Hong Kong. He states that this master marks out where everything in the kiosk should be placed, he further looks at the architecture as well as the wind and the water. He wraps up by saying that Feng shui is all about the harmony and collaboration of all things and their placement.

Feng shui aside Selvendra provides the following hard facts that could assist his beliefs:

  • They have the highest turnover in Australia.
  • As far as lotto sales go in WA they are up by six percent as opposed to others who are down by seven percent.

Second Luckiest Lotto Location

Closely behind the ‘Here’s Luck Lottery’ is the Nextra Forum.  Glenn and Jenny Cornish, owners of the Nextra Forum, have already seen two Division One winners in this year alone. Mr Cornish explained how some of his regulars travel over 70 kilometres from Perth to get to his store. He also said it really matters to patrons as to who is serving them at the counter. He further states that each of his staff members must be helpful and friendly, they must also be understanding when a customer asks to be served by another teller.

All in all, despite how lucky these kiosks have proven to be. Patrons need to beat odds of 1:45,379,620. Despite the odds, the team at Top Aus Casinos would like to wish you the best of luck whenever and wherever you gamble your money.