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Mac Casinos have increased in popularity in Austrailia. For many years, Aussie players using a mac, who wanted to engage in a bit of online gambling were out of luck. There was an extremely limited selection of online casinos that Mac players could enjoy and people playing on their PCs were able to have a great time.

Luckily for those players out there who are using Apple devices, things have vastly improved over recent years. The increasing popularity of Apple’s devices and the ever-growing demand for Mac casinos online have seen several improvements and advances in technology that have opened the door for Mac casino players to finally enjoy online casinos.

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Mac Casinos over the years

Even as the initial popularity of online casinos started to grow, very few people recognised the demand from Mac casino players and even fewer tried to meet it. People who were trying to play from their PCs were able to enjoy but Mac players were unable to. This is because, at the time, all online casinos required players to download the software, which was invariably a Windows .exe file, completely incompatible with the Mac’s operating system, iOS.

Thankfully, casinos started to allow players to enjoy their games without having to download the casino software. Instead of downloading and installing, players were able to access the games over the internet, using Flash or Java, both of which were compatible with Mac’s Safari web browser. This immediately gave Mac casino players access to the online casinos and they could finally start enjoying themselves.

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Mac Casinos Australia – Browser vs Download

Which is better for Apple users?

With Mac players being pretty much limited to browser-based online casinos, they may be curious to know what the differences are between a browser casino and downloading the software. The first difference is the number of games available. Typically if you’re playing through your browser, there will be a smaller selection of games. Typically the missing games will be older ones, but we are starting to see some casinos offering the full selection of games through the browser. When players were first able to play through their browsers, the graphics tended to be significantly worse than if they downloaded the software. Thankfully this is less of an issue today and the graphics are almost identical when you play through your browser.

Australian Mac Casinos Mobile - iPhone

Mac Casino Players Advantage

One advantage that Mac casino players do have though is that there are fewer viruses and other malicious programs out there that will target Macs. This will ensure their system and personal data is safer.

Finally, any online casino that can be played through a browser will use either Flash or Java, which will also work on your mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. There are even some online casinos out there that will allow you to pause your game on your desktop, before resuming several hours later on your iPhone or iPad.