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Keno is a very entertaining casino game, much like bingo, that is known and loved by many Australians. This game could have quite large payouts if you win. That is why we here, at Top Australian Casinos would like to give you some Keno Tips so that you can come out a winner.

Although Keno is very much a game of chance, much like most other online and land-based casino games. It is still possible to put some useful tips to work when you decide to play online keno.

Keno Online Australia

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Step by Step Online Keno Tips for The Aussie Gambler

1.      Make use of Multi-race cards

Multi-race cards found in online Keno games allow the player to choose numbers once in the game. They can then continue to use their card for any other Keno game following their first game.

2.      The use of Consecutive numbers

Players are able to choose multiple numbers out of a possible 80. However, gambling enthusiasts suggest that you choose consecutive numbers, given the nature of the online game. It is important that you look for patterns when playing Keno online. By identifying patterns, you are able to choose a Keno game that is most fair in nature.

3.      Lucky Numbers

There is no shame in choosing your lucky numbers when playing Keno online. These lucky numbers can be anything from dates of birth to a house number, etc. With each number being chosen, you increase your chances of winning. This strategy is not scientifically proven. However, there have been many instances where people have won on their lucky numbers.

4.      Picking Minimum Amount of Numbers

It is often said that choosing more than five numbers while playing Keno is a risky move. The only reason for this is due to the nature of luck and chance. Even though your choice of numbers could result in a big payout, wagering on too many numbers could have the opposite effect.

5.      Choosing an Online Casino

What is great about online casinos is that their variety in terms of games and bonuses is significantly larger than that at a land-based casino. Due to this fact, players are given more winning potential. We, at Top Australian Casinos recommend that you read reviews of online casinos. This will assist you in making a decision as to which one to gamble with. Reviews provide you with helpful information about the online casino such as how well other casino players have done playing games like Keno.

6.      Play Free Trial Games

Before depositing any funds, it is highly recommended that you get the hang of the game by trying a Keno free game trial. By doing this, you will give yourself a chance to learn how you could pick up patterns. Which could inevitably help you get the edge over the house that you need.

Keno online Australia

Wrapping up Keno Tips

Keno is clearly a very entertaining game. To make it even better you could use the above tips to enhance your enjoyment by winning big. Who doesn’t want to win real money? With these steps, you can do just that. So, get playing and put these keno tips to good use. Unsure of the rules of keno? Click here!