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Gambling is one of the largest forms of pleasure spending expenses in Australia. Aussie gamblers have listed betting and gambling as one of their guilty pleasure, with thousands of purchases made on a yearly basis by each player. A survey was conducted by, to which it revealed data for over 1000 adults. This data displayed that aspects such as entertainment, clothes and cigarette purchases, made the top of the list when it came to Aussie pleasure spending items.  The also survey reveals that a jaw-dropping AUD$11 billion is spent on these guilty pleasures per year.

A guilty pleasure is described as an indulgence that people know is wrong, but decide to pursue it regardless. The data divulged further information that will surprise you. Most Aussies spend copious amounts of money, without telling their partners. Aussie men tipped the scales by spending more than AUD$4,500. Contrastingly, Aussie women spent approximately AUD$1,467 under the same pretences.

Gambling pleasure spending Australia

More Aussies Jump on The Pleasure Spending Wagon

Ages between 18 and 35 seemed to have accumulated the most debt in pleasure spending.

The younger generation has accumulated around AUD$2,054 debt. Whereas their counterparts, the older generation are sitting on $1,173 debt, per person average.

This survey clearly displays that gambling is in the lead when it comes to pleasure spending. This is rumoured to mean, that there are many Aussie gamblers do not take shame in their gambling. However, there are more than 4.5% of Aussie adults that gamble on the sly.

The greatest reasoning for secretive gambling is because gambling is still frowned upon by some. Wagering is not seen to be a good way of spending or making money.

Gambling and Pleasure Spending

Since the survey established that the three core pleasure spending indulgences are entertainment, fashion and cigarettes. The survey further specifies that fashion still stands in the forefront, with as many as 5.1% of Aussies being self-admitted fashionistas. However, gambling figures are not much lower. When viewing these figures analysts are said to have been expecting it, as the popularity of pokies machines gets an overwhelming amount of attention from Aussies annually. This is supported by many other different conducted surveys.


All in all, it is safe to say that Aussies love their clothes and cigarettes, but they love their gambling even more. Even if they keep it a secret, they cannot deny their gambling pleasure spending.