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The former TopGear trio, Clarkson, Hammond and May, are back with their latest airing of The Grand Tour. If you are unfamiliar with their new show, the three are hosting another motoring show on Amazon Prime. So far, one season of the show has aired, with their latest seasons first episode making its way to the public’s eye recently.

Australian Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Episode 1, Season 2

Episode 1 of Season 2, of the Grand Tour recently aired on Australian screens. This episode saw the motorhead trio in Sydney. More specifically, at the Carriage Works. To which we see multiple D-grade celebrities as well as Instagrammers, and as usual motoring journalists galore.

So, let’s set the scene for you. While the episode was airing, the atmosphere can be compared to an outdoor cinema, with lolly bags and popcorn aplenty. Yet, although excitement for the episode ran high, the show was not all that great, according to the Practical Motoring journalist. They further mention that throughout the episode, you were expecting something that never came.

The issue that most of us have is that we try to compare The Grand Tour to the likes of TopGear. As, Practical Motoring journalist states, there was more substance to the TopGear show. He goes on to say that the episode lacked segments and that the banter between the trio seemed far too rehearsed.

Grand Tour Action

The three drivers enjoyed racing some incredible supercars. So much so, that Clarkson ended up driving the tyre right off of a Lamborghini Aventador S. More so, Hammond also managed to crash his electric car which is said to have light-speed. Aside from some AU$ millions going down the drain on the damage of these cars, there was a race that took place between the Hoff and an unknown British celebrity. The race took place over a road that was partly a dirt track.

Other than that, the show lacked a lot of action. With the general consensus being that they must have procrastinated the making of the first episode and so it came together as a slapdash piece that did not impress.

Banter in The Grand Tour

Sure, the banter between the three is a constant within the show. However, there was just something missing from the episode that left a bad taste in viewers mouths. But, don’t worry, the line up for the episodes to come looks far more promising. Practical Motoring journalist makes the bold statement that the three should stop looking to the work they did in TopGear and rather look toward new innovative things that they can incorporate into their show.

That’s a Wrap

Although their first episode may have been somewhat of a letdown, we at Top Aus are sure that the motoring trio will bring out some magic for motorheads worldwide. For more on the latest trending and online gambling news, bookmark Top Aus to your quick access bar and visit us on the daily.