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At Top Australian Casinos, we strive to bring our Aussie readers the very best when it comes to all things casino related. Whether it be reviews, the latest news or simple guides and how to pages on anything and everything concerning online casinos.

However, it is also very important that our readers are aware and understand the terms and conditions associated with the Top Australian Casinos website. That is why we have compiled some information important for you to know on the subject of terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy to ensure that our readers are able to surpass any confusion they may have with our website.

Terms and Conditions Top Australian Casinos

Privacy at Top Australian Casinos

In this day and age, people are very sceptical about what happens with their personal information. That is why we at Top Australian Casinos have put together this guide to inform our Aussie reader on exactly what information it is that we collect.

It is important to note that our readers do not need to divulge any personal information, any information that is collected is very general in nature. All information collected remains completely anonymous and will not be shared. To put your mind at ease, here are a few things that we do collect when you browse our site:

  • Information that could assist in the displaying of personalised adverts to our readers.
  • Some of the information could be used to assist us in developing our site and the services that we offer.
  • This information can assist the team at Top Australian Casinos to undertake research. We will be able to determine how readers access our page, what times are considered the most popular, as well as where the reader is located.
  • The information used, will never have any other purpose that the reasons stated.

At Top Australian Casinos, the right to make changes to this privacy policy is reserved. If any major changes to this policy are to be made, readers will be informed of the revisions via a formal notification.

Top Australian Casinos will not share any of our user’s data that we have collected unless the following exceptions occur:

  • Top Aus is presented with a court order to which we must comply.
  • Should Top Aus merge with, or be acquired by another firm.
  • Information that needs to be provided to trusted companies of which are legally required to keep all information confidential.

Top Australian Casinos Security and Safety

The privacy and safety of our readers is taken very seriously at Top Aus, and that is why we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your data is safe and secure. We ensure that all of our servers are protected and secure by using the appropriate encryption. This ultimately will ensure that the data of our readers is not shared with anyone who is not associated with Top Australian Casinos.

Top Australian Casinos Written Content

The Top Australian Casinos team have dedicated their efforts to ensure that all written content is fair, accurate, honest and unbiased. Top Aus will not accept money to write a biased article. In the case that Top Aus is asked to write a promotional piece, our readers will have full disclosure of this.

At Top Aus, all content that we write belongs to us, and we reserve the right to make any necessary changes to this content, or the website. We have the right to do this without having to provide prior notice to our readers.

Top Australian Casinos Ts and Cs

Complaints and Suggestions for Top Australian Casinos

The team at Top Aus is always happy to receive feedback from our readers. Each and every message that is sent into Top Aus will be looked at and responded to accordingly. If, for any reason, you feel the need to contact us, you can do so by navigating to the Contact Us page. Your reasons for contacting may include:

  • You wish to raise concerns about unfair, inaccurate or biased reviews or news content.
  • Any complaints or concerns that you may have about incomplete or incorrect game guides and other pages found on the Top Australian Casinos site.
  • Further, should you have any compliments, complaints or suggestions related to the Top Aus

Please be advised, however, that any complaints or disputes about an online casino must be directly handled with the online casino in question. Top Aus Casinos will not be held liable for any actions that are taken by the online casino.