Haze Still Lingers After Smoke Bans are Actioned in Casinos

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Although smoking bans were implemented in many casinos, it seems as though the smoke haze is still lingering in the air around the pokies machines. This refers to land-based casinos. According to a study undertaken by the San Diego State University in America, it suggests that ‘third-hand smoke’ lingers around for months after bans have been implemented. More so, even casinos with industrial strength ventilation systems are not much better, as they seemingly do not make much of a difference.

third-hand smoke at casinos

Catching Smoke

So, some may be asking, ‘what is third-hand smoke?’. Simply put, this is a residue that is caught in dust particles found in walls, carpets and furniture in spaces that have been exposed to years of cigarettes and smoking. This residue contains a carcinogen that is potent to the lungs and is referred to as NNK.

In modern times, smoking is largely banned from many areas. However, land-based casinos seem to be one of the few environments that have yet to outlaw it.

Throughout the many years of smoking in casinos, the residue manages to stick to and penetrate deep into the materials around it, claims Georg Matt, a lead author of the study.

According to Matt, if you are an employee at the casino, you are already exposed to second-hand smoke. Yet, after the smoking ban, thanks to the residue, you will still be exposed to third-hand smoke, even after the second-hand smoke has disappeared.

Smoke Slipping Through the Cracks

The students of the study conducted multiple tests. They found that once the ban had been implemented the air quality had an immediate improvement. However, the third-hand smoke levels remain high. In fact, much higher. This confirms that the ventilation systems in the casinos have little to no effect in removing the third-hand smoke toxins.

Matt maintains, that only through intensive surface cleaning and possibly even having to replace the walls of the casino, will the threat of third-hand toxins disappear. Making the environment significantly safer for casino guests playing pokies and table games at the casino.

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