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In recent casino news, Richard Goyder, Chairman for the Australian Football League (AFL) stated that there is a need to tackle the issues that pokies bring. The issues he refers to involves problem gambling and the loss of money.

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AFL Profiting off Problem Gamblers.

According to Goyder, the AFL has been profiting off of problem gamblers that slip their money into the poker machine. He goes on to say that he ‘hates’ pokies. Goyder expressed to the National Club Press that those defending the casino game, need to tackle the reliance that the club had on pokies. Additionally, he feels that the close relationship of the league with betting companies needs to be relooked at.

The AFL chairman explains that each club in Victoria, aside from Melbourne North, have poker machine businesses. To which they gain millions of Australian Dollars in profit.

Time for Changes in the AFL

Goyder confesses that he knows that these changes will not occur overnight. However, he believes that social pressure would be what is the real driver behind this initiative. He further claims that the real reason he is so concerned about all of this is because a lot of their profits are attained through poker machines. Although that is not a bad thing, Goyder mentions that unfortunately these profits are achieved through problem gamblers, and that is where the issue lies.

AFL Plan of Action

The AFL supremo has the following plan of action in place to address this issue. He mentions that he is looking to work with the league’s head office in a bid to create alternative revenue streams. More so, they will be co-operating with the Federal government in an effort to restrict sports betting as well.

Apparently, Goyder is not the only one that feels this way. With reports of multiple clubs wanting to veer their reliance off of these pokies. With many expressing their concern that the brand of the AFL may get caught up in gaming, through these casino games.