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Roulette is a casino game that is very popular among Aussie gamblers. Roulette brings with it a sense of thrill and utter excitement that keeps players coming back for more. However, it can be a bit disheartening when one is on a losing streak. Here are some stories on you how people tried to beat the house at roulette in the past.

Device to Pull One Over on The House

A physicist by the name of J. Doyne Farmer made ripples in the casino game industry some 50 years ago. When Farmer had just graduated from being student he invented a computer that was not only portable but wearable too, that would shift the odds of roulette in favour of the player. However, due to the lack of technological advancements at this stage, the winnings he was able to book at a Nevada casino were limited.

Equations on How to Beat the House

A few years later in the late 1970s Farmer had devoted his time to developing a way to beat the casino game, roulette, through the use of physics. He analysed and measured multiple factors when the roulette ball glided along the rim of the wheel before falling into place on a specific number.

The equation that Farmer came up with consisted of the following:

  • How the ball would roll along the edge of the roulette wheel and fall. This would assist in the accuracy of the predictions.
  • The second part of the equation was then made up of the general range of numbers that the ball may settle into.

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Revealing the Secret on How to Beat the House

Farmer finally decided to present his workings and his secret when a paper wished to publish the very similar workings of Michael Small and Michael Tse. Originating from the University of Western Australia, Perth and Hong Kong Polytechnic University respectively. The information from these men has recently been submitted to the Chaos journal.

Both small and Tse devised an approach very similar to that of Farmer’s. They calculated that a gambler who was using the system as well as a smartphone or small computer would be able to gain around 18% over the house.

The House

Although, this sounds great to us, the casino itself may disagree. They have safeguarded themselves against this by changing the amount of time that the ball is given to fall. Optimising Roulette wheels, such as computer operated wheels, is another feature.

Also, remember that walking into a casino with a computer that will help you gain an edge over the house is probably not something that they will let you get away with. A lot of land-based casinos employ advanced cameras and security to ensure players behave properly. So, while gaining an edge might be fun, being banned from a casino for cheating isn’t.