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Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games played in Australia. So, to make it a little bit more interesting, we at Top Australian Casinos will elaborate on a strategy called “Cover the Table” to help you optimise your winnings. Cover the Table provides Aussie players not only with a chance to win more, but to make the game even more exciting than what it already is.

Cover the Table by Betting on 35 Numbers

Betting on 35 numbers is thought to be a very risky move when using the cover the table strategy. So, we at Top Aus Casino suggest that you use this method as a last resort only. How does it work? Well if you bet AU$1 on each of the 35-roulette numbers, you will still stand a chance of winning more than you lose. But, here is where the problem comes in, for every win you will receive AU$1, yet for every loss you will lose AU$35. For this method to be successful, you would need to win 36 times to cover one loss. Unfortunately, getting that lucky doesn’t come by very often.

Cover the table roulette strategy Australia

Cover the Table by Betting on 17 Splits

A split number is simply explained as: two numbers that are found next to one another on the roulette table. Therefore, if you were to bet on 17 splits, you would cover 34 of the 35 numbers. The perk of using this cover the table technique would be that while the gambler is only betting AU$17, they are still able to cover 34 of the numbers. Even if a split does come up, the player’s profit will still be AU$1.

Cover the Table by Betting on 11 Streets

When a player bets a three-number bet on the numbers found in the “street” section of the roulette table. The street section is on the inner part of border for the row you wish to select. For example, 1,2 and 3 are considered to be one street, this continues in threes all the way to 34, 35 and 36. Thus, if you bet on 11 streets you will cover 33 numbers.

Bet 5 Double Streets to Cover the Table

A double street also referred to as a line, is when 2 streets join and equate to half a dozen. For example, 3 numbers plus another 3 numbers. Therefore, betting on 5 of double streets you will end up covering 30 numbers.

Betting on Numbers 1-18 and the Third Dozen to Cover the Table

Despite the name, every other part of this strategy is simple and straight forward. This strategy expects you to bet around AU$3 on an even chance 1-18 bet and an additional AU$2 on the third dozen. When you use this strategy, you are able to win one Australian dollar when either of these hit. You are able to cover 30 numbers with this strategy. If you wish, you are also able to switch this strategy around whereby you bet on the initial dozen numbers and take an even chance bet on numbers 19 to 36.

Both the 5 double streets and the third dozen bet are very similar to one another. With both having covered 30 numbers.

Roulette cover the table casino Australia strategy

The 4 Splits and 2 Columns to Cover the Table

This strategy allows players to cover a large portion of the roulette wheel. This system allows the player to bet AU$5 on one of the two columns whereby they are able to follow up with 41 on 4 different splits. These splits are in the column that you have not bet on. By doing this, you allow yourself a AU$1 profit for every time your columns are hit by the roulette wheel. If you’re lucky enough for split bet to be hit, then you can profit AU$4.

Let’s Cover It Up

Roulette is a casino game that is highly dependent on luck. However, it doesn’t hurt for you to try and cover yourself to get the luck on your side. With these gameplay strategies, you will be able to guarantee yourself better chances of winning.