Eurovision 2018 May See Australia Win

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Even though Australia only entered into the Eurovision singing contest a mere three years ago in 2015. It is said that there are now some great odds for Australia to win the contest in 2018.

So, bookmakers are pushing for online television and sports bettors to bet on Australia. Jessica Mauboy, Australia’s representative, is hoping to sway the decision of both the audience and the judges in her favour.

Eurovision Australia

What to Expect from Eurovision 2018

entrants for 2018 exceed all previous years. Europe is expecting 43 countries to be competing in the Eurovision competition. The event has grown by leaps and bounds from its start in 2011.

Eurovision is set to take place in Lisbon’s Altice Arena, with the semi-final dates being held on the 8th and 10th of May. Finals will take place on the 12th of May. The odds for Australia being the ultimate winner of the contest are the highest with odds sitting at 17/2, this is according to Portugal online sportsbooks.

This, in fact, is not Mauboy’s first appearance on Eurovision. She performed an interval act in 2014 during the semi-final. She amazed an audience of 125 million who were pleasantly surprised by an ‘astronaut landing’ during her performance.

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Jessica Before Eurovision

Jessica currently holds the title of being one of Australia’s most influential singers. From the time she made her first debut in 2006, she has managed to sell around 3.4 million albums globally. Additionally, her songs were streamed online in excess of 158 million times. Having set the foundation before entering Eurovision, the singer has managed to build quite a large and devoted fan base, that will undoubtedly vote for her and in turn Australia to win.

Keep in mind, however, that 50% of the decision on who the winner will be lies  in the hand of the audience, and the other 50% is up to the judges.

The singer remains positive and keeps her competitive nature alive by reporting that she plans to write her very own, original song for the contest.

Place Your Eurovision Bets

So, in anticipation of the big event, why not get your bets in at one of our recommended online casinos providing sports betting features. Thanks to Mauboy, Australia has held a position in the top 10, every year. In only three years of being there, they have really made their mark. So, wagering your Australian Dollars on her is a good idea.