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Sports betting is a popular Australian online casino game and type of gambling that involves placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. These bets can be made through a sportsbook on many local and international sporting events. The punter’s intention when participating in sports betting is to make extra money.  It does not matter if a punter loves betting on horses or is a soccer fanatic. Sports betting also includes bets on other sports such as tennis and rugby.  An organization that offers sports betting services is called a bookie, betting agency, bookmaker or sportsbook. A service that provides a marketplace in which odds are set is called a betting exchange. A person who bets is called a punter. Here at Top Australian Casinos we are here to give you a guide on everything you need to know about sports betting.

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Types of Sports Betting in Australia

There are different types of sports that punters can choose. Punters can bet more than once on a game. Here are some of the top rated sports that are offered:

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Best Rated Australian Sports Betting Casinos/ Sportsbooks

There are different types of sport betting offered in Australia, here are some of the top agencies and sports betting sites that are loved and preferred by Australian players:

  • Pinnacle Sports
  • Sports bet
  • Betway
  • William Hill
  • Matchbook

Sports Betting Australia – Making an Online Bet

Not everyone will know how to place bets online. Sports betting looks easy but can be a bit complex. Here at Top Australian Casinos, we show you step by step how to make an online sports bet.

Firstly, you can choose a sport to bet on which can be soccer, golf, horse racing just to name a few. Secondly, you have to choose a team that you wish to bet on. You can then choose the online sports betting site where you want to place your bet. From there onwards, you can place your bets on a number of predictable outcomes. You can place your bets on how many goals the team you have chosen will score or lose. A punter may also choose to bet on a half time score or bet on a full-time score of the chosen team. This also applies to a punter who wants to bet on soccer.

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AUD Sports Betting Laws

Sports betting in Australia is legal. There are a number of licensed sportsbooks operating in Australia. Licensing laws are different in every state such as the legal age to participate in online sports betting. To bet on sporting events, punters must provide proof of identity. The Australian Government passed the Co-operating Gambling Act in June 2001. The IGA says it is a crime to offer or market ‘real money’ online interactive gambling services, such as online casinos and online poker to Australian residents. The law applies to all online sports betting operators, irrespective of whether the sporting events are maintained and licensed in Australia.

Bookmakers are best for beginners because they are easier to learn. Bookmakers can only accept bets on fixtures through retail outlets and over the phone. Australian bookmakers are allowed to offer live online betting to non-Australians.

Online Sports Betting Tips

Top Australian Casinos has put together a list of tips for punters.

Start small

When participating in sports betting, do not be in a rush. Punters should take their time when placing a bet and oversee how they are betting.

Don’t try to win back your losses

When you have lost, do not go back and bet to win back your money. The best thing to do when you have lost your money is to walk away and take a break to refresh your mind. Aim to improve your betting skills. Be patient and be disciplined.

Don’t bet for the sake of it

Take your time. Random betting can make you lose your money in an instant. As a punter, you should make sure every bet will benefit you. If you do not know what to do, then be sure not to bet at all.

Don’t hesitate to bail out by making an opposing bet

It is ok to cancel your bet especially when you are not sure, or you have changed your mind about it. With a bookmaker, you may lose some of your money, but it is better to lose a bit than to lose all of your money.

Sports Betting Terms and Glossary

Sports betting is big on both bookmaker and legal online sportsbooks sites. Top Australian Casinos has listed some of the terms that an Aussie punter may want to know when it comes to sports betting. Here are the terms:

Half ball

A bet type on events where a draw is possible, like a soccer fixture. The bet wins if your selected team wins or draws the game.


An amount of money a sportsbook or punter stands to lose at the sporting event.

Sports betting

A kind of gambling that involves placing a bet on the result of a sporting event.

Credit betting

Credit betting is when a punter is betting without making a deposit first.

Future Bet

A bet that is placed on the outcome of a future event. Some bets are placed for the following season.

Half Time Bet

Bets that are placed based on the results of the second half of a game.


Betting on both sides of the match to cut losses or guarantee a profit.


A person who tries to benefit from a variety of odds across bookmakers by playing both sides of the same event with different amounts.

Straight Bet

Betting on one horse, athlete or team.


The team that everyone is likely to think it is not going to win.

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Australian Sport betting FAQ’S

All your burning sports betting questions answered here

New Australian players are bound to have questions on sports betting, We at Top Australian Casinos share information that will help newbies and experienced punters of sports betting to know what is happening. Here are some of the questions that are most commonly asked at top-ranked Australian casinos:

  • As a beginner what can I choose? A bookmaker or exchange?
  • A bookmaker is a good one. Bookmakers are easy to learn especially for first timers.
  • Is sport betting legal in Australia?
  • Sports betting is both legal and regulated in Australia. Online sports betting is one of the different types of online gambling that was not put under the interactive gambling Act of 2001. Licensed bookmakers in Australia are allowed to set up regulated websites such as Spotsbet, Centrebet and Sportingbet. Australian casino players just need to make sure that they have a strong internet connection. Some of these sports betting sites are also available on a mobile version for easy access.
  • What benefits are there with using an Australian bookmaker?
  • Agencies in Australia offer good options on Australian sports. Different methods of withdrawals and deposits are also offered which is a good thing for punters. Punters may get free bonuses when they make a deposit.
  • How many memberships does one need to have?
  • You only need one membership for sports betting if you are a make casual bets.
  • How does hedging a bet work? What are the pros and cons of hedging a bet?
  • When opportunities are available, a player can be assured a lower rate of return by wagering on the other side of a bet that was previously placed.