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Australians are getting more and more involved in the phenomenon that is golf betting. Golf betting is a form of sports betting based on the outcome of a golf tournament. This popular sport can be wagered on at an online bookmaker. With the popularity of golf betting on the rise, we at Top Australian Casinos have found it necessary to provide you with a comprehensive guide. This guide will provide you will all of the ins and outs of golf and golf betting.

Understanding Golf and Golf Betting

To understand golf betting, it is important that we first understand golf itself. Golf is an age-old sport, throughout its years it has seen and boasted names like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. Not only does this sport boast celebrity names, but it hosts a variety of incredible events each year which include the British Open Golf, the Four Majors, and the Ryder Cup.

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Golf Betting – Different Ways to Bet

Option One

  • Select an event. For instance, the Open Championships.
  • Choose a player. Tiger Woods for example.
  • Ensure that the stakes are in your currency. Australian Dollars.
  • Place your bet.

Option Two:

  • Select an event.
  • Choose a market that you would like to bet on. For instance, finishing positions.
  • Select your preferred player.
  • Set stakes in your currency.
  • Place your bet.

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Understanding Golf betting Australia

To understand golf betting as a sports betting variant, you will need to familiarise yourself with the following terms:

18-Hole Betting (2 ball/ 3 ball)

You bet on a stated player that you feel will get the lowest score over the 18 holes.

36-Hole 3 Balls

Bet on which of the stated players will achieve the lowest score over the initial 36 holes of the tournament.

Dual/ Straight Forecast

Make a bet on which player will come in first place (straight forecast) and second place (dual forecast).

Finishing Positions

When you place bets as to which golfer will make it to the final finishing positions.

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Hole Nearest in Regulation

This is when you wager on which player will be nearest in regulation on to the selected hole.

Lowest 18 Holes Event

Bet that is placed on which players will achieve the lowest 18-hole score overall in the tournament.

Match Betting Handicap

When it is betted on which player will get the lowest score at the tournaments end. This is only after the handicap has been applied, however.

Miss/ Make the Cut

When you place a bet on a specific player either making or missing the ‘cut’ to play in the tournament.

Mythical 2/3 Balls

This holds the same definition as the “18-hole betting”

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Outright Winner

This is when you place a bet on the golfer that will win the tournament.

Place 1st 5/10/20

When you place a bet on the golfer that finishes in the Top 5, 10, 20 etc.

Round Leader Market

A bet as to which player will head the leader board when the names round is complete.

Tee Shot Hits Fairway

Wagering whether or not the ball will make it onto the fairway in the selected hole from a specific tee shot.

Tie No Bet (2 ball)

This holds the same definition as the “18-hole betting.”

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Tournament Group Betting

When one makes a bet on which player will get the best placing at the end of the tournament from the pool of named golfers.

Tournament Match Betting

Making a bet on which golfer you feel will be the highest placed at the tournament’s end.

Tournament Trios

Making a wager on which of the three players will achieve the lowest total of the event.

Two Chances to Win

This is a bet that you have placed on which two named golfers will win the tournament.

W/O ‘Player X’ Market

This is a bet that that is placed on which player will be triumphant in the tournament, after the named player’s score has been removed.

To Sum Up Golf Betting

Golf betting comes with many betting possibilities. So, think carefully before placing your bets. We at Top Australian Casinos suggest that you do your research on different players and how they play before you place your bets.

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