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Tennis betting is fast growing in its popularity among Aussie gamblers. What makes tennis so exciting to watch and bet on is its volatility. Players that may not generally win may be having a good day, alternatively, elements like a player’s mood, whether or not they’re tired, etc. could all have an effect on their gameplay.

What makes tennis such a great sport to bet on is that it is an all-year-round sport. Therefore, you can take part in this sport betting variant all year – allowing you to make profits all year from tennis betting.

Tennis Betting Rules

  • 1 Set Completed: for the bet to stand, one set has to be completed.
  • 2 Completed Sets: for the bet to stand, two sets must be completed.
  • Ball Served: Only one serve is required per match.
  • Match Completed: for the bet to stand, the entire match must be completed.

Tennis betting tips Australia

Markets for Tennis Betting

Match Winner

The simplest of tennis bets. This is whereby an Aussie gambler places a bet on the player that they think will win the tennis match.


This is when you bet on a specific player beating another player, based on their handicap.

Set Betting

When a gambler places a wager on the exact outcome of the match, in sets.

Total Games

These bets allow you to cash-in on a match, regardless of who wins. For instance, you bet in the total sets played.

Tournaments Bets

Also known as Outright winner betting. When you bet on a player to win a tournament. The Tournaments bets are considered to fall under the principal markets category.

Tennis Betting – Food for Thought

There are some things to consider when betting on a match and these are:

  • Match Odds
  • Total Games
  • Number of Sets
  • Set Betting
  • Handicap Set
  • Set Winner

When placing bets, there are important things to remember that could assist you in winning bets placed:

  • Fitness: Consider any injuries.
  • Head-to-heads.
  • In-play betting.
  • Left-handers.
  • Motivation.
  • Outright tournament betting.
  • Playing conditions: The surface that is being played on – grass, clay or hard court.
  • Weather.

Rafael Nadal Tennis Betting Australia

Famous Tennis Players:

  • Andy Murray
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Roger Federer
  • Serena Williams

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