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When it comes to gambling at casinos, whether the casino be online or land-based, we all tend to have our lucky numbers to fall back on. There are many Aussie gamblers that do not believe in the idea of numerology, but will have a lucky number. Numbers can be based on a multitude of things, whether you like to seek out patterns or you just prefer to have faith in certain numbers, we have it all here for you!

The Roots of Lucky Numbers and Numerology

Numerology is said to have originated from philosophers such as Pythagoras and Augustine of Hippo, a Western Christianity church father. Both philosophers believed that numbers alongside mathematics are a universal language. This is how numerology came to be.

However, there are some that contest this as they believe that numerology originated from Arabic and Chinese numerical divination traditions. Pythagoras theory only can only be traced back to 500 BC, whereas Chinese and Arabic theories stretch much farther back than that.

The Basics of Numerology and Lucky Numbers

Although many different numerological theories have emerged, with all having a different foundation on which they are based. There is one concept that links them all together and that is: all numbers have a specific meaning. Which can have an effect on all physical and abstract things surrounding us. Here are some stories about some numbers that are considered lucky and unlucky.

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Vegas unlucky and lucky numbers

In Vegas, at the craps table, the number 7 is considered to bring bad luck. The mention of the number 7 alone could see you receiving looks of despair from your fellow craps players. Reason being is because the number 7 is not only considered to be bad luck for the player that mentions it, but further, for the whole craps table.

Lucky and unlucky numbers in China

In 2008, China hosted the Summer Olympics. The officials chose to host the opening ceremonies on August the 8th at 8:00p.m. Reason being is that the Chinese believe that the number 8 is a symbol of riches within the Chinese culture. This is why they insisted that the Olympic games of 2008 were to be held at eight o’clock on the 8th of August (the eighth month), in the new millennium’s eighth year.

This shows that, regardless of what we may think, lucky numbers and numerology still play a great part in recent times.

Meanings of Different Numbers

Of course, each number will mean something different to you, you will place your own importance on some and disregard others as being unlucky. However, this is the general consensus when it comes to what each number means:

0: The zero represents everything.

1: Number one shows a sense of provoking and individuality.

2: Two symbolises a sense of balance and unity.

3: Interaction as well as neutrality is what the number three evokes.

4: We look at four as a symbol of creation and foundation.

5: Five represents action and battle.

6: Number 6 evokes fluctuation and reaction.

7: Consciousness and awareness is what the number seven suggests.

8: Eight brings about a sense of sacrifice and control.

9: Thoughts of turmoil and change are conjured with number nine

10: Ten symbolises an increase or rebirth.

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Lucky Numbers in Gambling

When it comes to lucky numbers, we tend to rely heavily on them when selecting lottery numbers. We tend to revert back to using the dates of their friends and family members birthdays, as well as their age. This assists us in making a decision on which numbers to play.

Chinese Superstitions and Lucky Numbers

As previously mentioned, the Chinese place a lot of importance on the number 8. This is because the Mandarin and Cantonese word for the number sounds like the word “faat,” which roughly translates to prosperity. However, the numbers 4 and 5 are regarded as disrespectful as their pronunciation in Mandarin and Cantonese are much like the words “die” and “won’t” respectively.

In fact, the Chinese feel so strongly about this that many hotels and casinos in Hong Kong have purposely skipped the 4th and 5th floor. Casino officials of Las Vegas have therefore, chosen to exclude all numbers between 40 and 59 completely when hosting their Chinese high roller gamblers, at their Mandalay Bay Casino.

Lucky Numbers in Reality

Aussie gamblers are very superstitious when it comes to picking their lucky numbers. However, most casino games both online and at land-based casinos have completely random results. So, if your lucky numbers work at a casino then it is merely coincidence. Although, if you firmly believe in your lucky numbers, we at Top Australian Casinos encourage you to use them and hope that the odds are in your favour!