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High roller casinos are online casinos that cater to Australian players. High roller players are also commonly referred to as Whales. These High Roller casinos offer  players casino games with high stakes and opportunities to win big. High Roller casinos offer high roller players exclusive VIP programs where players are given special treatment. The best thing about playing at a High Roller Casino is the rewards that players get when they win. When players wager large amounts of money they stand an equally big chance of – winning large amounts of money. Read on to learn more about High Roller Casinos in Australia.

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Choosing the Best High Roller Casino Australia

If you are a high roller player you should look for the best high roller casinos that accept Australian gamblers. A high roller casino is a casino that makes special provision for more extravagant players who like to bet big. Below are some of the factors that players need to consider when choosing a high roller casino:

Licenced and Certified Casinos

When choosing a High Roller casino players have to find out if the online casino is licenced and regulated. All the online casinos listed on Top Australian Casino are licenced and certified by recognised jurisdictions. Players can rest assured that they will have/enjoy a safe gambling experience when playing at the listed casinos.

Wide Selection of High Roller Casino Games

High Roller Casinos are characterised by the selection of high roller games they make available to players. When players play at a high roller casino they want to play games where the stakes are high and promise high rewards. A good high roller casino should have a healthy selection of these high roller casino games to meet the player’s needs.

High Roller Casino Bonuses 

Casino bonuses are very crucial for casinos, especially high roller casinos. A high roller casino should offer high roller players a number of casino bonuses to encourage them to play more at the casino. These high roller players should be given generous casino bonuses when they play high roller games at an online casino.

Exceptional Customer Care

When a player becomes a VIP player at a high roller casino, they are given personalised customer care. In most cases, a player will get a specific VIP manager allocated to them. This VIP manager will make sure that the players is well taken care of when playing at the online casino.

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AUD High Roller Casino Games

As mentioned, High Roller Casinos are characterised by high stake casino games. These casino games are different from normal casino games as they require players to wager large amounts of money. A good high roller casino has to have a wide selection of high limit casino games. The reason why players love these high limit games is that they give players the opportunity to win big. Below is a list of some of the high limit games that players can play at High Roller Casinos

High Limit Blackjack

High limit blackjack is a very popular casino game among Australian gamblers. The reason for this is that players can reduce the house edge significantly by using a good strategy. Players opt for high limit blackjack where the maximum bet can be as high at $20 000.

High Limit Roulette

High limit Roulette is another favourite among high rollers. The Roulette games offered at high roller casinos tend to vary. This means that players can play different variations of Roulette. These games may have rules that slightly differ, however, the basic principles of the games usually remain the same. Some High Roller casinos offer high limit roulette while some have no limit roulette. The latter means that there is no set maximum bet amount that can be placed. Players can wager as much money as they like.


High Limit Poker

There aren’t a lot of high roller casinos that offer players high limit poker. There are however, a few poker rooms that have high limit poker available for players. Poker is a casino game that requires a certain level of skill from players. Players who are experienced when it comes to playing poker are more likely to win.

High Limit Baccarat

High limit Baccarat is not as popular as other high limit games such as Blackjack, Poker and Craps. This does not mean that there isn’t a demand for high limit Baccarat. High Limit Baccarat tends to have high limits as compared to other high limit games. So if you want to bet big and win big, High limit baccarat is the game for you.

High Limit Craps

Craps is a classic casino game and it comes as no surprise that High Limit Craps is popular among Australian players. In a Craps game, players can place multiple bets on a craps table. This means that a large amount of money can be wagered and won when playing high limit craps at a high roller casino.

Craps - high roller casino Australia

AUD High Roller Casino Advantages

High Roller Casinos are the best option for players who can afford to wager large amounts of money on casino games. One of the main benefits about playing at a high roller casino is the opportunity to win a lot of real money. Below are some of the other benefits that players can get when they pay at a high roller casino:

  • VIP Status: When you play at a high roller casino and wager large amounts of money frequently at the casino becoming a VIP player is usually inevitable. Once you have reached VIP status you will have a number of casino benefits that you wouldn’t get as an ordinary casino member.
  • Unlimited Withdrawals and Deposits: High Roller Casinos are aware that players need to deposit and withdraw large amounts of money from their casino accounts. When playing at high roller casinos players will have little to no restrictions as to how much money they can deposit or withdraw. VIP players at high roller casinos are usually not subject to a waiting period when withdrawing funds from their casino accounts.
  • VIP Treatment: When players reach VIP status at a High Roller Casino they get preferential treatment from the casino. These players are usually given a VIP manager who will deal with the player personally and look after the player as a member of the casino.

High Roller Casino Australia – Becoming a VIP Player

The requirements for becoming a VIP player at a High Roller Casino differ depending on where you play. Most high roller casinos have reward programs that make it clear as to what a player need to become a VIP player. These programs usually reward players a certain number of points when they make deposits at the casino among a list of other things. When players earn enough points they become VIP players. Below are factors players need to consider if they wish to become VIP players at a high roller casino

  • The amount of money they deposit: High Roller Casino considers how much of money you have deposited and wagered at the casino. The more money you wager, the higher your chances of becoming a VIP player.
  • Frequency: High Roller Casinos also take into account how often you play at the casino. If the casino recognizes you as a loyal and consistent player, your chances of becoming a VIP player become greater.

Australian High Roller Casino FAQs

Aussie players’ high roller casino questions answered here

  • What Exactly is a High Roller Casino?
  • A high roller casino is an online casino that accommodates players who bet large amounts of money on casino games. Extravagant players which are also known as Whales prefer high roller casinos for their gaming needs.
  • Which Casino Games Can I Play at a High Roller Casino?
  • Players at high roller casinos can play a wide variety of casino games such as online slots, online blackjack, roulette, poker and a number of other casino games. High roller players opt for the casino games that have high stakes.
  • How Can I Choose the Best High Roller Casino?
  • Players need to choose a high roller casino that is licenced and certified by a recognised jurisdiction. The online casinos listed on Top Australian Casino are licenced.
  • Why Should I Play at a High Roller Casino?
  • High Roller casinos have high stake casino games. This means that players also stand the chance of walking away with thousands of dollars when they win. [/su_spoiler]
  • How do I Become a VIP Player at a High Roller Casino?
  • The VIP programs at high roller casinos differ. Players should familiarise themselves with how the VIP program works at their chosen high roller casino. Players who wager large amounts of money at a high roller casino increase their chances of becoming VIP players.