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Online Blackjack AustraliaBlackjack, also known as 21, sees players competing against the dealer in an attempt to get a hand with a value as close as possible to 21, without going over. Online Blackjack is probably the one gambling card game out there that needs no introduction in Australia. Blackjack is without a doubt one of the best-known and most popular titles in the world and Australia, so it is no surprise that its popularity has spread to the digital realm.

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Online Blackjack is a fun casino game to play and has the added benefit of being relatively easy to understand and learn for newer players. When you’re new, it may seem like the game is 100% dependent on luck but as you play more, you’ll start to develop your strategies that may just help you win a little more often.

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Online Blackjack Australia – What is it?

Online Blackjack is simply a digital version of the card game that we have all played in the real world at some point. It takes the same winning formula and transfers it online. While the gameplay may be relatively unchanged, playing online does offer some significant benefits.

The first is the convenience, as you’ll be able to play whenever you want and for as long as you want, without having to worry about traveling to a land-based casino, or inviting some friends over. Whether you’re waiting for a plane or lying in bed, you can play a few rounds whenever the mood strikes. On top of this, you’ll also have complete control over the environment you’re playing in. If you prefer your peace and quiet, you won’t have to worry about the noise of a land-based casino distracting you while you play.

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Online Blackjack Rules for Australian Players

Online Blackjack is as simple as the land-based casino version. The main aim of the game is to get a card hand that is as close to 21 as possible but not exceed 21. When playing a game of Online Blackjack, you plan to beat the dealer’s hand, in this case, the online casino. Below are a few rules you need to know about Online Blackjack.

The Basics

  • Most online casino games use six standard card decks to avoid count counting and make the game fair.
  • Players should note that different online casinos offer variations of Online Blackjack. In most cases, this means that the rules of the game will slightly differ. Players need to familiarise themselves with the rules of the this game if they wish to play.
  • When a player lands Blackjack, a hand that consists of a 10 point value card and an Ace, this win’s paying ratio is 3:2.
  • Players are only allowed to split a maximum of 3 hands.
  • The Jack, King and Queen card are worth 10 points and Ace has the value of 11 or 1.
  • Players cannot re-split Aces.
  • When playing a game of Traditional Blackjack players are only allowed to surrender the first two cards. Other online variations, however, allow players to surrender at a later stage of the game.

For more on how to play Online Blackjack, read our How to Play Guide.

Playing Online Blackjack in Australia

The first thing a player needs to do when playing Online Blackjack is to make sure they have chosen a reputable online casino. While Online Blackjack is meant to be fun, you’re not going to be having much fun if the casino you play at is scamming you out of your winnings. Make sure that it is licensed by a third-party organisation and recognised by eCOGRA.

On top of this, always gamble responsibly. Set yourself a budget and don’t go over it. If things aren’t working out, just walk away and try another time again. Online Blackjack offers players an excellent opportunity to learn the game, being able to play for free. On top of this, even when playing for real money, the quieter home environment will help newer players concentrate and make smarter bets.

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Popular Online Blackjack Versions Australia

As many land-based casinos have crafted their variations of Blackjack, the online developers have done so as well. There is a wide variety of online Blackjack versions out there, which should offer something for everyone. Microgaming, one of the best-known developers, has perhaps the most extensive assortment of Online Blackjack versions out there, with at least 12 different games. These are some of its most popular.

  • Classic Blackjack: This version uses traditional European rules. The game combines five decks together and is played one hand at a time. Players can expect high table limits and very smooth gameplay.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack: This online version of the game is based on a version commonly played in Atlantic City in the United States. It uses eight card decks and allows players to double down on their first two cards. It also allows them to split their hands up to three times and play a maximum of four hands at the same time.
  • Bonus Blackjack: This is a very popular version of the game which is played with two decks of cards and does not allow the player to surrender. However, the dealer is required to hit on a soft 17.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack

For some, playing against a computer all the time will get a bit boring, and this is where Live Dealer Online Blackjack comes in. Instead of playing against a machine, you play against an actual person who deals from a real deck of cards. A video of them is streamed over the Internet to your computer or mobile device, and you can even chat with them. This goes a long way to making it feel more like you’re in a real land-based casino.

Online Blackjack Australia FAQ’s

What Aussie players usually ask about Blackjack

  • What do I need to play Online Blackjack?
  • Firstly you’re going to need an Internet connection and some form of device to play the game on. This can be a mobile device like your smartphone or tablet, or you home computer or laptop. Next up, you either need to download the casino software onto your computer or the app onto your mobile device, or choose to play at a casino that allows you to play through your web browser. This will mean you can jump in instantly and won’t need to download anything.
  • Is it possible to play Online Blackjack for free?
  • Luckily for new players, it is. Many online casinos will allow players to jump into many online games and play them for free. This is really important for a game like this one as players will be able to get used to the controls, the rules, and the strategy. Sadly, though, you can’t keep any of that money you’re winning, you’ll have to wager real money to do that.
  • How do I know if the casino is trustworthy?
  • The best way to make sure you’re playing online Blackjack at a reputable online casino is to check reviews on our website. We’ll make sure that any online casino listed here is properly licenced and regulated by the appropriate authorities. This will ensure the games are tested regularly for fairness and that they are not rigged in any way.
  • If I have bad cards, should I surrender early?
  • Well, in some way it is a sound plan. When you surrender, you’ll only lose half of your bet. So if you know you’re not going to win, it might be a smart move. However, even a bad hand can sometimes get you a win through smart play and luck. It doesn’t matter how bad your hand is, if the dealer busts, you win.
  • Is it possible to count cards with Online Blackjack?
  • Yes, it is possible, but it is tough, even more so than compared to a land-based casino because the speed at which the computer plays the game. So while it could be done, very few will be able to.
  • Is online Blackjack purely luck?
  • s with any casino game, it mostly comes down to luck. However, a good strategy can help you out. While a good strategy won’t allow you to gain an edge over the house, it will potentially allow you to reduce the house’s edge and make the game more balanced.