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European Blackjack is a much-loved online casino game by Aussie gamblers. This game is a card-based table game, where players take on the dealer in a bid to get a hand resulting in a score close to but not exceeding 21.

Facts About European Blackjack

  • For every European Blackjack table, there will be a minimum and maximum bet.
  • A minimum bet could be as little as AU$1; the maximum bet will depend on what the casino decides.
  • Players must make a firm decision on their bet before the cards can be dealt.
  • The dealer starts the game with an advantage; reason being is that the player has two cards that are dealt, face up. Whereas the dealer is dealt two cards but one is facing up and the other down.
  • The best hand a player could get is an Ace paired with any other “10 point card” (10, Jack, Queen, King). This is referred to as a natural 21 or blackjack.
  • Upon achieving a natural 21, the player is able to win 1.5 times their original bet.

European Blackjack online casino game Australia

European Blackjack Game Tactics

Card Value

In order to learn the best European blackjack gaming tactics and bets, it is important to know the value of each card. Below is a quick breakdown of the card values for your convenience:

  • Each card from 2 to 10 holds the same points as their face value.
  • J, Q, K are worth ten points each.
  • Ace can hold the value of either a 1 or an 11, whichever the player decides.


  • Split: if the player gets two cards of the same value, they can choose to ‘split’ the cards. They can further request two more cards, allowing them to play two hands of cards.
  • Double Down: this bet is fairly simple, you are able to double the original bet that you made.
  • Surrender: in this case, if the player has a bad hand they are able to Meaning that they can choose to quit and still receive half of their bet back, as opposed to losing all of it.
  • Insurance: players can choose to use ‘insurance’ when the dealers “face-up” card is an Ace. Players can further bet if they think the dealer has achieved a blackjack or not.

To Sum Up European Blackjack

If you know the rules of European Blackjack, alongside the card values, you could become quite good at it. This casino game offers you the thrill of winning real money while playing with lady luck and a bit of skill and tactics. So, why not try European Blackjack today! It may just become your new favourite.