Michael Schumacher’s Family Hoping for a Miracle

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It has been four years since Michael Schumacher; the German Formula One driver, experienced a freak skiing accident. Michael experienced severe trauma to the head and brain, from this accident. Since then, the legend racing driver has not been the same, and the media still has very limited resources when it comes to Schumacher’s current state of health.

Michael Schumacher F1 Driver

The Family of Michael Schumacher are still Hopeful

Recently, it was reported to the German magazine, Brunte, through a friend of the Schumacher family, that all of the racers’ loved ones are holding on to hope. The family friend also states, that thanks to Michael’s toned physique, he has been able to cope well under the circumstances.

Corinna, wife of Michael, and his children, are desperately hoping for a medical miracle to come along.

Michael’s Current Whereabouts

Michael is currently being cared for in a state of the art hospital near his Lake Geneva home. Unfortunately, his high care does not come cheap, with treatment costing a whopping £115 000 (AU$197 132.16) per week. Seeing to him are 15 nurses and physicians, which are attending to him 24/7.

Additionally, there have been talks of sending Michael over to a specialised medical facility that deals with brain trauma, in America. However, whether he will be moved or not is yet to be confirmed.

Michael Schumacher, after his accident, was placed into a medically induced coma, which continued for six months. Unfortunately, due to the limited information passed on by the family, it is still unknown as to what the retired racing legend’s health status is currently.

We at Top Aus Casinos, truly hope that the former F1 driver can pull through this tough time and wish his family all the best.

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