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Online Pai Gow is a casino game that is considered a favourite among Aussie gamblers. Online Pai Gow Poker is a game that is easy to learn, low risk and very social for our socialite players. That is why we, at Top Australian Casinos have provided you with a short and sweet guide on the best strategies. This will allow you to get the most out of your online Pai Gow gaming experience.

How Does Pai Gow Work?

In short, Pai Gow is considered to be a combination of Poker and Chinese dominoes. It is played with one deck of 52 cards, and an additional Joker. The Joker plays the role of ‘wild card’, in addition, it can also be used in place of an ace. The Joker card can further be used to make a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush, as you would in normal Poker. All players play against the hand of the dealer.

Crash Course in Pai Gow

  • Both the dealer and the players get dealt seven cards.
  • Each player must beat the hand of the dealer with either five or two cards in hand.
  • The best two card hand will win the game. This is based on the standard poker rules.
  • The dealer will win in a tie situation.
  • The best possible hand is to have two aces; however, it does not permit a flush.
  • A player could create two potential winning hands by choosing to split two pairs.
  • When you split, your aim would be to have both hands beat the dealer.
  • If you were only to win one, it is considered a “push” and your bet is returned.
  • It is key to keep the highest pair of two cards, in the same hand of five cards.

Online Pai Gow Strategies

Strategies to Better your Chances of Winning Pai Gow

If you wish to better your Pai Gow game, you should consider the following strategies:

  1. Learning to play poker as well as Chinese dominoes first.
  2. It is best to play bank; this is when you are able to act as the dealer.
  3. If you have chosen the banker role, you can then bet high on strong hands.
  4. Depending on the casino’s rules, the banker position can be shared.
  5. Beware though, as when you should avoid playing a full house hand, unless you can create a five hand which will be successful.

Pai Gow Strategies  for Aussie Players

We suggest that novices use the House Way option if they are in need of assistance. Reason being is that it allows players to arrange their hand in a way that is identical to the dealer. But again, this will be dependent on the online casino you have chosen.

A great strategy for experienced players is acquiring a three-pair hand. To which they would play the hand with the maximum value first. We suggest though, that if you receive a three of a kind during the deal, that you should try to keep it a part of your five-card hand, unless you have three aces. If you do happen to get a hand of three aces, you can use one of your aces for your two-card hand, which should improve your odds of winning on that hand.

If the dealer hands you two three of a kind cards, then you will be able to split the ranking of these three, by putting one in your two-card hand.

In Pai Gow Poker games, flushes and straights are considered to be the same thing. Be sure to keep these intact unless of course, you have a three of a kind or two pairs.

Strategies for Pai Gow online casino game

That’s a Flush

Be sure to read up on all of the Pai Gow rules as well as both normal poker and Chinese dominoes to give yourself the best possible edge when it comes to Pai Gow. So, what are you waiting for, try this top-rated casino game out for yourself today and win big!