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The FIFA 2018 World Cup official draw took place on Friday in Moscow. Luckily, the results of the draw did not seem to threaten any favourites. In response, sports books made very little movement, which saw sports bettors left guessing about where they expect to see inevitable surprises.

Moscow’s State Kremlin Palace, saw the draw take place. Vladimir Putin, Russian President, also showed face to join in on the events of the day. Diego Maradona made an appearance as he was present to assist with procedures. The soccer legend left many of the sport’s fanatics completely star struck. Further, the crowd waited in much anticipation to see which of the worlds professional soccer teams would make it to the Russian 2018 World Cup’s famous ‘Group of Death’.

Russian 2018 Soccer World CUp

2018 World Cup – Group of Death

The results of the draw are what sportsbooks mentioned to be fairly balanced when compared to other World Cup draws. However, as with all big sporting events, like this one, not everyone is left happy. According to sporting experts, the closest that we can get to a ‘Group of Death’ will most likely be Group F. This group contains the German favourites, who will be up against some strong competition. The competition for the Germans includes, Mexico, Sweden and the quickly rising South Korean team.

Odds for 2018 World Cup

Sportsbook, Paddy Power, has Germany pinned as the favourite with 3-10 odds of winning the group. More so, odds of 5-1 go to Mexico and Sweden is sitting at odds of 11-2. Further, they have placed 25-1 odds on South Korea. Contrastingly other oddsmakers have given South Korea better odds at qualifying.

One team that is overjoyed with the results of the draw is Russia. The host country has been placed in Group A, where they will go up against Uruguay, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

So, soccer bettors now want to know what the odds are. Well, sportbooks have pinned Uruguay as the favourite to win of the group, followed closely by Russia, holding odds of 6-5. Egypt too, has been given fair odds to win the group at 11-2. Saudi Arabia on the other hand, are the true underdogs of the group sitting at odds of 35-1.

2018 World Cup – Balanced Draw

For some groups, the odds are very slim of all four nations getting far in the tournament. For example, Group D features returning favourites; Argentina, Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria. The selection of this group was made in such a way that the competition is steep, despite the fact that Argentina is the clear favourite.

The approach for Group H, was very much the same. Featuring Columbia, Japan, Poland and Senegal, all teams have to remain on their toes due to the stiff competition.

Let’s not forget the Aussies, we feature in Group C, whereby we face Denmark, France and Peru.

So, it looks as if we have an interesting year ahead with the 2018 Russian World Cup. Be sure to stay tuned to Top Aus as we stay ahead of the story.