Electronic Skill-Based Games to Be Launched at Crown Resorts

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It has recently been announced that Crown Resorts Limited shook hands in partnership with Melbourne-based, New Gaming Pty Ltd. The intent of this new partnership is for Crown Resorts to be able to launch their very own set of skill-based electronic games. This launch will hopefully result in an accelerated growth of the casino’s digital business.

Crown Resorts Australia

Skill-Based Electronic Games Coming Soon

Crown Resorts was founded by James Packer, an Australian billionaire business man. Packer mentioned on Friday that they were looking to create new product options for entertainment through this joint venture. Apparently, this new skill-based electronic game venture will be called ‘Chilled Gaming’. Chill Gaming will be the result of the Crown, New Gaming Pty Ltd Partnership. The two have claimed that they will be acknowledged together for the birth of Chill Gaming at future gaming technology expos.

New Gaming Pty Ltd is owned by Wymac Gaming Solutions. Wymac is an electronic gaming machine manufacturer and developer. New Gaming is currently busy with their latest project, which is developing smart, arcade-style casino gambling machines that can determine the payout that a player will get based on both luck and ability. Reports say that some of the largest casinos in the world will be installing these new games onto their casino floors in no time, to provide players with a new and exciting way of gambling.

The Projected Outcome of Skill-Based Gaming

The CFO of Crown Resorts, Ken Barton, has agreed that the notion of these skill-based machines is quite intriguing. He further claims that this concept is gaining quite a lot of traction from a number of markets. Barton states that the reaction to these new games is somewhat different compared to the hype generated from traditional gambling games. According to the Australian, Barton boasts that they already have prototypes developed, to which they will be displayed and demonstrated at gaming shows over the next few months.

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