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The Taylor Swift world tour is said to be a ‘highly anticipated’ event. However, the ticket sales seem to dismiss this belief. The lack of ticket sales seems to be pointing toward a few things, namely; the astronomically high ticket prices, the strict security measures and finally, the damaged reputation of the singer.

Taylor Swift Concert Australia

Ticket Sales for Swift Concert at an All-time Low

It has been reported that it is not just a specific region that is not buying tickets. But rather, the ticket sales are at an all time low globally. Most are blaming the ridiculously high mark up on the ticket price.

Sadly, not one of Swift’s 33 scheduled concerts in North America have yet sold out for her Reputation World Tour. Further, the music industry expresses that the ticket sales are dismal, explaining that there are hundreds, if not thousands of tickets still available for each show.

The singer also has one New Zealand concert scheduled to take place at the Mt Smart Stadium. However, these tickets too, are yet to be sold out. With availability in every ticket type up for grabs.

This is a huge disappointment for Swift as her previous concerts sold out in minutes, with one of them even resulting in organisers having to prepare another show due to fans wanting more.

What Happened to Swift?

In 2016, Swift’s reputation took a hard knock. This following the alleged lie that she had given Kanye West permission to call her a ‘bitch’ in one of his songs. However, despite her somewhat tarnished reputation, her latest album ‘Reputation’ has done rather brilliantly in terms of sales. So, it seems unlikely that her reputation is the reason for the poor ticket sales.

Again, it is seen that the ticket prices are very high and unfortunately fans and concert-goers seem to be unable to pay such extensive fees. General tickets in Auckland are selling at $250 (AU$318.93) a ticket.

Furthermore, the stringent security measures put in place by Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan programme seems to also be taking some of the blame. It is said that the measures seem to be prohibiting certain customers from buying tickets.

We at Top Aus wish the celebrity all the best with her world tour and hope that her fans get a chance to see her concert without having to win the lottery to pay the heavy ticket prices.