Two Campaigns Launch Amid the Tasmanian Election Pokie Debate

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Amid the Tasmanian elections, the topic on everyone’s lips is the issue of the future of pokies machines within the state. This on the heels of anti-pokies lobbies launching new campaigns which will rival those that are run by the gaming industry as well as select pubs.

Anti-pokies campaigns

Anti-Pokies Campaigns

Wednesday will see to two different campaigns being launched by groups who both back the policy of removing poker machines from clubs and pubs.

Pokies Parasite

The one campaign is called the ‘pokies parasite’. This campaign has been launched by a local group called ‘Rein in the Pokies and Bad Bets Australia’. More so, the campaign has been financed by David Walsh, the owner of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

This campaign will include a commercial on television to which a poker machine creature will be seen crawling the streets.

Speak up for Pokie- Free Communities

The other campaign titled, “speak up for pokie-free communities” is scheduling a launch of adverts to be released on a multitude of platforms. These platforms will be; radio, television as well as online platforms. The aim of this campaign, hosted by Anglicare Tasmania, is to urge Tasmanians to stand up about their feelings on pokie-free communities.

This campaign has been funded by what Anglicare Tasmania refers to as, ‘donations from a range of community sources.’

Members of the Campaigns Speak Out

‘Rein in the Pokies’ member, Pat Caplice expresses that he wants the adverts to assist in keeping the issue in the forefront of voters’ minds. He goes on to say that he really wants the voters to consider what it would be like to have a Tasmania that is pokies free. Further, Caplice mentioned that the campaign is looking to add bumper stickers in all state newspapers this Saturday.

Campaigns Overall

Both of these campaigns are going up against not only each other but also, pro-poker machine campaigns. It will be interesting to see what the Tasmanian community decides on, come the 3rd of March when the polls are open.