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The new year has brought with it some novel and innovative betting types. With the latest for 2018 being craft beer betting. This betting type requires bookies to bet on GABS (Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular) hottest 100 betting odds. These odds will reflect which beer will be selected as the best at the end of the month.

GABS Craft Beer Festival

GABS is one of the largest beer festivals in the world. The concept of GABS festival was brought to life by Guy Greenstone and Steve Jeffares. The two men were also the masterminds behind ‘The Local Taphouse’ which in Australia is considered a revolutionary craft beer venue.

One of the aspects that is imperative to the success of the festival is the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers list, voted since 2008 by beer enthusiasts.

GABS Australian Craft Beer

Betting Odds on Craft Beer Australia

If you are interested in getting involved in this novelty craft beer betting, then it would be best for you to know exactly what the beers are and where about their odds lie.

Federal Brewing Co. – Hop Hog

  • The beer has a citrus taste and an amber colour.
  • Betting odds: 9/2.
  • comm gives it a score of 97%.
  • UNTAPPD gave it a four out of five-star rating.
  • Bookies seem to prefer Pacific Ale by Stone & Wood to Hop Hog.
  • Stone & Wood stands at odds of 3/2.

Pirate Life – IIPA

  • This beer is considered to be rather hoppy with quite a high alcohol content when compared with its competition.
  • IIPA is considered safer than Hop Hog.
  • Betting odds: 7/4.
  • comm gave it a score of 98%.
  • UNTAPPD gave it a rating of 4.13 out of five stars.
  • This beer takes preference over the Hop Hog.

Little Creatures Brewing – Furphy

  • Furphy stands out from the rest as it is known to be brewed from 100% Victorian ingredients.
  • Although this beer is not a top contender, its uniqueness is definitely an attractive factor.
  • Betting odds: 7/2, just above Hop Hog.
  • UNTAPPD gave them a score of 3.33 out of five stars.

Craft Beer Betting

If you want to get into unique and innovative sports betting, feel free to try out beer betting at one of your favourite sportsbooks. We at Top Aus are excited to see how this novelty betting will gain popularity.