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Caribbean Stud Poker hasn’t been around that long, but in a relatively short amount of time has established itself. The game itself has only been around for thirty years or so, more than enough time for many players out there to fall in love with Caribbean Stud Poker. Despite being fairly young, there is still some debate about where the game came from and who its creator is.

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A History of Caribbean Stud Poker

The most widely believed story with regards to Caribbean Stud’s origin has to do with a gentleman named James Suttle. It is believed that Mr. Suttle made his way at Aruba and sold the idea to a casino owner by the name of Danny Jones. Mr. Suttle said he had been taught the game by a fellow gambler in Las Vegas, who had been on a losing streak and wanted to sell the idea for a $5000 loan.

After purchasing the game from Mr. Suttle, Mr. Jones apparently struggled to sell the game himself as it had fairly poor returns and this drove potential players away. Eventually, though, someone had the idea to give the game a progressive jackpot and the game suddenly became a hit. Eventually, Mr. Jones managed to sell the distribution rights to Mikhon Gaming.

However, this version is up for debate because there are quite a few casino players out there who claim that they played Caribbean Stud on a cruise ship, prior to Mr. Suttle inventing the game.

Caribbean Stud Online poker gameplay

Caribbean Stud – How to Play

In many ways, Caribbean Stud plays out similar to other versions of the game, with one main exception. During a game of Caribbean Stud, the player’s only goal is to beat the dealer, rather than playing against the other players at the table.

Other than that, players will be dealt five cards and the game uses a standard 52-card deck. The game begins with the player placing their Ante bet, as well as a progressive bet if they wish to stand a chance to win the big jackpot.

This all happens before the dealer calls No More Bets and once this is complete, the players will be dealt their cards. The dealer’s hand will only have a single card visible while players can pick up their hands and look at their cards, deciding whether to fold or keep playing. Should the player decide to keep playing they will need to raise, placing a bet equal to or greater than the ante bet.

The dealer will need to have a King and an Ace or two of a kind in their hand to qualify. Should the dealer fail to qualify, the ante is paid out equal money and the raise bet gets paid back to the players. If the player and the dealer tie, both the ante and the raise get pushed and if the player beats a qualified hand from the dealer, they are paid out according to the paytable.

Caribbean Stud Poker is also known as Stud Poker in some countries, like the United Kingdom. Players are limited to playing one hand per round and are not allowed to communicate their cards with other players. In order to win the progressive jackpot, a player will need to have a flush or higher.