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Australian lottery is one of the most popular gambling games in which random numbers are drawn and the player with the matching numbers receive a monetary prize. Lotteries are most commonly used by the government as a way of raising funds for local projects. Now with the lottery online, players can get their lottery tickets on casino sites. The online lottery works the same way as the traditional lottery. When playing online lotteries, players stand a chance of winning life changing jackpots that can turn them into instant millionaires. Players don’t mind paying a few dollars for a ticket, especially when they know that the ticket could change their lives in an instant.

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History of the Online Lottery in Australia

A lottery is a type of gambling that contains the drawing of numbers. The lottery is one of the oldest types of gambling known. The first evidence that is recorded of lottery dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty, between 205 and 187 BC. Historians believe that early lotteries were used to help raise money for government developments, like the Great Wall of China.

Lottery finally made its way through to Europe, where the first lotteries were recorded in the Roman Empire times. At First, lottery tickets were used as party games, to give to guests as gifts. The Tickets would be handed out, and everyone would win a prize of some form. Augustus Caesar was the first person to come up with the first proper lottery. That is when tickets were sold to people. The funds that were made from the lottery were used to repair Rome.

The first signs of lottery recorded are keno slips that were derived from the Chinese Han Dynasty. The first lottery took place in Australia, Sydney in the 1880s. By 1916, the government of Australia had started its lottery, called the Golden Casket Art Union, with the intent to raise money for projects and charities. Lotteries in Australia now operate legally and run under the Australian government license.

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Playing the Online Lottery in Australia

Online lottery is loved by many Australian gamblers. It is an exciting game that is enjoyed by Australian players. We have shared information on how to play online lotto. Read on to learn a few things.

When playing Lottery, six numbers are drawn from a variety of numbers like 34, 46, 48, 49, 52, and 54.  Players must choose six numbers out of forty-seven.

To be able to start playing Lotto, players must indicate their six selected digits by marking the totalled squares on a play slip. Then the player should take the play slip to a lottery retailer. The retailer will enter the player’s six chosen numbers in the on-line terminal that produces the player’s game ticket.

The ticket which is not the same as the play slip, is the authorized receipt and must be presented and verified when the player wins. Player’s must always check the correct numbers and date on the ticket before leaving the retailer. Lottery agents can be found in convenient stores, grocery stores and gas stations.

There are online lottery games that you can play online, or you can play on the go on your tablet or mobile devices. Below is a list of some of the online lottery games available for Australian players:

Online scratch card games

You can have loads of fun and possibly win lots of money when playing scratch cards online. The most appealing thing about scratch cards is that you don’t have to learn the rules or strategies of how to play the game. With online scratch cards, you can play anytime and anywhere.

It is very simple to play  scratch cards, all you do is get a card and scratch off its surface that will reveal symbols or numbers hidden underneath. You will have to match a number of symbols to win. With online scratch cards you choose how much you want to pay for the scratch card. The more you pay for the scratch card the higher your chances of winning big prizes.


Online Keno

Online Keno is a form of lottery game that many players find to be fun, relaxing, and has the possibility of huge winnings, making it a common choice for Australian players and gamblers all over the world. It is very simple to play. All a player needs to do is to place bets and choose numbers. If the numbers that you have chosen are drawn, you win.

When playing Online Keno, you will have to place your bets on the cards by choosing numbers 1 to 80. When you click the plus or minus sign you set the value of your bet.

Numbered balls will roll out of the cylinder at the top onto the playing board. The balls will land on random spots. If any of the numbers that you chose are hit, then you will win at the end of the round.

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Online poker lotto

The table stakes rule has a rule called the “All-In” rule that states that a player cannot be forced to lose a poker hand all because the player doesn’t have enough chips to wager. A player that does not have enough chips to call a bet will then be declared an All-In.

A player must choose a number of lotto hands they would like to play. You can win online poker lotto in two ways which are: instant win or in the Night Poker Lotto Lottery Draw.

AUD Online Lottery Games

Different lottery games are loved and played in Australia. Here are some of the lottery games that Top Australian Casinos has listed for players:

Gold Lotto

Gold Lotto is without a doubt, the most popular and talked about lottery game in Australia. This lottery is well known all over Australia and is the most exciting game. Gold Lotto is known to cost a person only one dollar to participate and get the chance to win a large amount of cash. The numbers for the gold lottery are drawn during weeknights at 21h00 pm.

The Lotto

The Lotto is available to all Australian residents. The Lotto is run by the Tatts Group Limited in Australia. It is divided into two sub-games, Monday and Wednesday Lotto and then there is also the Saturday Lotto.

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Lucky Lotteries

Lucky Lotteries are run by New South Wales Lotteries, and it is more of a traditional raffle type of game. Players can buy random ticket numbers or successive ones if they like. The draw will only take place as soon as all tickets are sold and the jackpot will continue growing until it is won.

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is another National Lottery that is operated by the Tatts Group Limited. It is available to players from all states in Australia and is played on a Tuesday night. This specific Lottery currently holds the record for the largest Australian Lottery win

Australian Soccer Pools

Australian Soccer Pools is the most exciting Lottery in Australia that is based on various soccer matches. 38 matches are chosen from number 1 – 38, with six numbers being chosen. The numbers are chosen by comparing the game scores and ranking the matches by using the ranking rules. Draws rank highest, followed by Away Wins and then Home Wins.


Powerball is also operated by the Tatts Group Limited. Powerball is based on the American game with the same name. It is available across the country and has become one of the most-loved Lottery games in Australia. The draw takes place on Thursday nights.

Quick Online Lottery Facts Australia

Here are some Interesting facts about the lottery in Australia:

  • The largest Powerball jackpot was taken by eight colleagues from Nebraska meat processing plant. They bought a single ticket that won them three hundred and sixty-five million dollars in the draw that was held on the 18th of February 2006.
  • $45.8 million dollars is the biggest Lotto jackpot in the Michigan Lottery records. The Lotto jackpot was won in 1995, and the money was shared between three winners.
  • Australia’s largest jackpot was one hundred and twelve million dollars. The money was divided between four winners in the OZ Lotto.
  • Bill Morgan was declared dead for 14 minutes and lived unharmed. To celebrate his survival of death, he bought a scratch card and won a car worth twenty-seven-thousand-dollar. He was asked to re -enact his scratch card moment. He bought a second ticket and won two hundred and fifty thousand jackpot on the card.
  • 6/38 lotto soccer pools are the easiest lottery to win in Australia.

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Australian Online Lottery FAQ’S

Your online lottery questions answered here

Here is a list of frequently asked question about lottery in Australia

  • Is playing lottery gambling?
  • Yes. Playing lottery is part of gambling. Online lottery is one of the oldest types of gambling known.
  • How old do you have to be to win the lotto?
  • In Australia, you have to be eighteen years and older to be able to play lotto. Age differs with countries.
  • Do lotto tickets expire?
  • Yes. Lotto tickets do expire after the draws. Deadlines for claiming winnings may differ with participating countries.
  • Can I cancel my lotto entry?
  • No. After you have confirmed your receipt, you cannot change your entry. You will be asked to confirm your purchase when you are purchasing online. This is to make sure that you have finalised your transaction and checked your details.
  • Will I get taxed if I win the lotto?
  • Tax on winnings depends on which country you are playing at as well as which country offers the game. If the country that you play at indicates that every win is taxable, then you will be taxed for all your winnings.
  • How do I know if the Lottery draw is random?
  • Every lotto machine is put to the test by independent companies and adjudicators who make sure that each and every draw to ensure that it is fair, honest and random.