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Online scratch cards in Australia in 2018 are exactly the same as traditional scratch cards in almost every aspect. All players have to do is scratch away at the symbols on the card to reveal what prizes they have won. Players in Australia can enjoy a wealth of online scratch cards and will stand a chance of winning some massive cash prizes. Online scratch cards are fast becoming the alternative choice, as more and more players prefer online gambling as it offers safety and security, and a wealth of different games.

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History of Online Scratch Cards Australia

In 1974, the Scientific Games Corporation started producing the first computer-generated instant lottery ticket. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that instant scratch-off lottery tickets, now widely known as scratchies and the kind most played today, made its first appearance.

The first instant scratchies in Australia were introduced by NSW Lotteries in 1982, which were played for AU$1, and had a grand prize of AU$10 000.

Online Scratch Cards - scratch and win Australia

Since then, scratch cards have become a widely popular and an affordable way of gambling in Australia.

The internet has since changed the way most Australians gamble. Online scratch cards are a massively popular form of gambling, offering players the chance to win some massive jackpots from a relatively small buy-in.

Win Real Money with Online Scratch Cards in Australia

Online scratch cards in Australia are most often played for real money. Australian players love the convenience online scratch cards offer and the big jackpots on offer. Online scratch cards can be played for a small wager, usually as little as AU$1, while still giving players the chance to win some great real money jackpots.

Different Online Scratch Card Values in Australia

Online Scratch Cards aren’t just limited to the smaller wager games, though they tend to be the most popular.


These are the cheapest available online scratchies for players to enjoy. They have the smallest jackpots, though they often still tend to be over $10 000.


These tickets tend to have much bigger jackpots and much more interesting games. They are similar in most respects to AU$1 games but have bigger wins.


These games tend to have the best odds of any online scratch cards, and some of the highest payout percentages. AU$10 scratchies’ jackpots often exceed $100 000.


The biggest of the scratch cards, AU$20 scratchies often have more than one prize/jackpot on offer. Due to their large buy-in, these aren’t as popular as the cheaper online scratch cards but are still worth any player’s time.

Free Online Scratchies in Australia

Online scratchies aren’t exclusively played for real money but can be played without the need to make a deposit (and still win real money). They can also be played for free.

Online Scratch Cards - scratch off Australia

No deposit online scratchies are few and far between, and players need to be aware of playing at any online casino that offers no deposit scratchies, as many are scams. Players should only play at Top Australian online casinos that are licensed and regulated by a reputable gaming authority like eCOGRA.

Online scratchies for free are simply online scratch cards that Australian gamblers can enjoy without the need to make a deposit or win real money. These aren’t as popular, as there is no real fun to scratching off a card and not winning any prize.

Playing Online Scratch Cards in Australia

The rules of each game of online scratch cards differ, though most follow a simple rule: “Do not scratch off all the areas, as this voids the card.”

For example – A lottery-style scratchy can give a player a selection of 25 covered areas that can be scratched off. Players will, however, only be allowed to scratch off 16 of the areas. Any more and the ticket will be void.

Real money win - Online scratch cards Australia

Usually, players are given prizes after the first 5+ of the required number/icon/symbol is revealed beneath a scratch-off area. Prize values increase exponentially for each extra icon discovered.

Australian Online Scratch Card FAQ’s

  • Are online scratchies rigged
  • Not if played at a reputable online casino. Trustworthy online casinos all use Random Number Generators (RNG) to determine the outcome of any game, including online scratch cards.
  • Do online scratchies have the same odds as regular scratch cards?
  • Yes. All scratch cards, whether traditional or online, are created using an RNG. This means that all the results are always truly random, no matter where players choose to enjoy the games.
  • How can I improve my odds playing online scratchies?
  • Once the card has been bought there is nothing players can do to influence the outcome. Also, there is no strategy players can use to scratch off cards, as all cards are printed at random, so there is no discernible pattern.
  • Is it worth my time to play online scratch cards?
  • Yes. Online scratch cards may have much smaller jackpots than lotteries, Bingo, and pokies, but they have a really small buy-in, which means that anyone can play. Australian gamblers who enjoy scratch cards can still win wonderful jackpots from a small buy in, usually starting from as little as AU$1.
  • Are online scratch cards regulated?
  • Players who gamble with online scratch cards at a reputable online casino can rest assured that the scratchies are regulated and that the results are always random.
  • How old do I need to be to play online scratch cards?
  • In Australia, as with most countries around the world, the minimum age to legally gamble is 18, and this includes playing scratchies.
  • How are online scratchies secured?
  • Trustworthy online casinos and online vendors that sell online scratch cards use 128-bit Secure Socket layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that all transactions between the player and the casino is safe. If the information were to be stolen, it would be impossible to decipher without the correct key. This is the great advantage of SSL encryption.