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Western Australia is the largest Australian state and the second-largest producer of iron-ore in the world. WA is a great place for adventure seekers and gambling enthusiasts alike, offering Aussie locals and visitors a cocktail of sun, sea, food, wine, nature and casino fun.

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History of Gambling in WA

The act of gambling was introduced to Western Australia in the form of horse racing in the 1840’s. This was followed in the 1850’s in the form of a popular game known as ‘Two-up.’ The game involved two coins that were placed on a board known as a ‘kip.’ One coin was placed heads-up, and the other face-down or tails-up. The coins would then be flipped and the players would bet on the outcome of each toss. The game was popular during World War I and is still played every year in April at the Returned and Services League in Maroubra, New South Wales. In 1892 the Western Australian Police Act made betting illegal which led to the rise of many undercover gambling houses. By 1932 the Lotteries Control Act proclaimed that lotteries and bingo were legal and will be used to benefit the community. Many other Acts were consequently introduced, with the most important being the Casino Control Act of 1984 and the Gaming Commission Act of 1987 which currently regulates the WA gambling industry.

Western Australia

Fun Facts about Western Australia

  • Film stars such as Melissa George, Heath Ledger, and Gemma Ward were born in WA.
  • Argyle Mine in WA is the largest producer of diamonds in the world.
  • The world’s oldest open air theatre is located in a WA town known as Broome. The theatre has been operating since 1916.
  • The capital city of Perth is closer to Singapore than it is to Canberra.

Online Casinos in Western Australia

Many Aussies love the option of being able to gamble online. However, due to the law Aussies cannot gamble at local sites online. WA players should take a look at our site to find their perfect real money casinos which are perfect for Australian players.

WA – Land-based Casinos

In terms of land-based casinos, Western Australia has the magnificent Crown Casino. Situated in the capital city of Perth, the crown casino offers WA players the best in casino entertainment. With classic table games, over 2,000 pokies, restaurants, hotels and bars, WA gamblers are spoilt for choice. If you can’t find a land-based casino that suits your needs, then have a look at Top Aus for a list of Australia’s top online casinos.

WA Casino FAQS

  • Is it possible for me to play at online casinos in Western Australia?
  • Yes, it is, As long as it is at international gambling sites. This is due to the fact that the WA government does not allow Australian based casino sites to advertise to and accept WA players.
  • How old do I have to be to gamble legally in WA?
  • Players must be 18 and over to gamble legally in Western Australia.
  • Who is the main gambling regulatory authority in WA?
  • The main gambling regulatory authority in WA is the Gaming Commission. This institution ensures that casinos uphold the practices and gambling laws of the commission and that casinos practice gaming fair play.
  • Why should I visit casinos in Western Australia?
  • You should visit a WA casino because  not only will you be treated to the best in casino gaming, but you can enjoy entertainment in the form of restaurants, bars, concerts and shopping as well. At a WA casino you will get the full experience of a gaming and a great night out.