Danish Lottery, Danske Spil Signs a Deal With SafeCharge

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SafeCharge, the top-ranked payments technology firm, has announced that it has signed a deal with Denmark’s national lottery. Danske Spil willpower “Youbet,” and its regulated sports betting platform. They will serve as a catalyst for the development in the locally regulated markets.

SafeCharge inks a deal with Danske Spil

SafeCharge – Danske Spil

SafeCharge Cashier is employed by the host payment solution, Danske Spil, which is optimized major deposits and withdrawals changes. In addition, the Danish debit card, MasterCard, Visa, and Dankort are also accepted. SafeCharge allows the national lottery that was founded in 1948 to manage optimal success rates. Its pair of companies, Danske Lotteri Spil A/S and Danske Licens Spil A/S offer both gambling and lottery services. Moreover, games like Onsdags Lotto, Joker, Lotto, Keno Eurojackpot, Quick, Bingo, Poker, Zezam, Dantoto, Oddset, Casino, and also the new wagering brand, Youbet. Danske Spil A/S chose SafeCharge to target and grow their demographic of sports wagering for players in Denmark via Youbet.

Danske Spil A/S New Deal

Erik Folmann, Chief Executive Officer for Danske Spil A/S, commented by saying: “Sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular activity in Denmark. Our customers are demanding a seamless payment experience from any device with their preferred payment method at any time.”

“Following a quick and seamless implementation process, we are happy to work closely with the team of SafeCharge experts to deliver the best user payment experience for our customers,” said Folmann.

The Chief Compliance Officer for SafeCharge, Yuval Ziv, said they are “happy to support Danske Spil with smart payments technology. This is to boost its expansion further,  Ziv further said that they are “confident that SafeCharge Payments engines will continue to deliver the highest levels of customer experience.”


This shows that there will be a great workmanship between the two firms. This new deal will make it easier for players to access. We look forward to seeing how things will go and the success of the two well-known firms.