Shannon Noll Shoots Latest Single Southern Sky in Australian Casino

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Shannon Noll, a well-known Australian singer-songwriter, has an upcoming show at the Casino RSM Club this Saturday at 8pm. He will be debuting some of his latest material, including his most recent release titled ‘Southern Sky’.

Shannon Noll Australian Singer

Southern Sky by Shannon Noll

Southern Sky is said to be a song that is a tribute to the landscapes of Orange, New South Wales that Noll grew up in. Noll expresses that the song ‘Southern Sky’ was written to show his undying love for Australia, its people and its culture. He states that after his many travels across the world, he keeps coming back to the place where he was born and bred, because he loves it.

Noll has written many a song throughout his professional singing career, with many more on the horizon. He confesses that the next few songs that he has lined up have hints of pop rock, as well as some country when needed.

The Shannon Noll Casino Show

Noll plans to include songs that became popular at the beginning of his career at his upcoming Casino show. The Casino RSM Club in New South Wales will see Noll play his popular hits such as, ‘What About Me’ alongside his classics such as ‘Horses’. He is also expected to perform a few hits from his album that is going to be released in September.

Not only will Noll’s new songs be on display, but apparently his new body too. Noll is seen in his latest music video featuring a toned, shirtless physique. He states that being a 41-year-old man, he would like to stay fit and healthy to be a good role model for his children.

Fitness is a great way to keep focus amidst the hustle and bustle brought on by the unpredictable industry, he explains.

Noll’s show will debut at the Casino RSM Club, 162 Canterbury St, Casino, at 8pm this Saturday. This land-based casino entertainment is something that is not to be missed. After listening to the best hits that Noll has to offer, why not try your luck at roulette or pokies and win some real money to top off an amazing night.