Mayweather Remains Undefeated Champion

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One of the most anticipated fights in boxing history has officially passed. The Mayweather and McGregor fight gained a lot of traction and publicity, due to the fighting backgrounds of each fighter. Receiving worldwide coverage, the fans got what they wanted to see. With Mayweather remaining the undefeated boxing champion.

Undefeated Champion

After Saturday’s fight, Floyd Mayweather walked out with his head held high, as he beat Conor McGregor in the 10th round of the boxing match. His fighting record remains flawless; he now boasts a title of being undefeated in 50 fights. To which he states this was his very last fight and he will no longer be participating in the ring.

Critics were very sceptical about McGregor’s fighting abilities and were shocked that he was able to even able to last ten rounds in the ring against a boxing professional.

Mayweather undefeated champion

How the Fight Went Down

The fight started off with a ready and roaring McGregor throwing punches at Mayweather. He managed to score a few points early on in the match. To add to the drama of the event, the underdog taunted Mayweather by putting his hands behind his back at one point. In the first and second rounds, the Irishman not only held his own, but the points were in his favour.

A warning was given to McGregor in round three after he illegally punched the top of Mayweather’s head. Aside from a few small breaches, the fight was managed very well, and a professional display was made from the UFC fighter. The fourth round saw the undefeated champion up against the ropes. However, it was not for long, as Mayweather is well known for patiently waiting until the later rounds to start making his comeback.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, the tables started to turn, as McGregor seemed to tire quite quickly and Mayweather landing some decent blows. Round seven and eight is where Mayweather started to apply some serious pressure on his opponent. However, the Irishman remained resilient. In the ninth round, McGregor tired quickly as his legs started to wobble, the undefeated Mayweather looked to go in for the kill. Yet, McGregor managed to pull through the round.

The fight finally ended in the 10th round. McGregor received a TKO and the ref stopped the fight. Allowing Mayweather to keep his title untarnished as undefeated champion.

What the Undefeated Mayweather had to Say About His Opponent

After claiming his 50th and final victory, Mayweather admitted that his Irish opponent was much better than what he had expected. McGregor was a tough competitor as he made use of various angles. He further claims that he feels they gave the fans what they wanted to see, a nice exciting fight. When fighting in MMA, McGregor is known to fight hard in the first 25 minutes, however, after that he starts to fatigue.

McGregor states that he felt he could have gone on. The Irishman claims that although he was tired, he was clear headed and could have kept going. He stated that he would have liked Mayweather to rather put him down than for the fight to be called two rounds before the end.

Wrap Up on the Undefeated Champion

We at Top Aus, are sure that many sports bettors have walked away with fuller pockets after Mayweather claimed victory. We feel that McGregor too must be paid his dues as he held himself very well being an MMA fighter that only set foot in a professional boxing ring the day of the much-anticipated fight.