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As long as casino games have been around, there has been someone trying to cheat the system to win. In this article, we at Top Australian Casinos would like to shed some light on the situation of casino cheats for our Australian readers. There are some acts that may seem like cheating but do not count as cheating and some acts that are most definitely illegal. We will open your eyes to what lengths people have and will go to, to satisfy the green monster of greed.

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Slot Machine Cheats and Scams

Between the late 1970s and early 1980s, a man named Dennis Nikrasch managed what many others failed to do. He began to hit up pokies machines in Vegas, whereby he used a crew of which a few would distract casino employees while others made an imprint of the pokies keys.

Once they got the key imprint, the crew would move on to manipulate the reels in which they would produce a winning jackpot. Eventually, Nikrasch was caught and imprisoned. Only to return once being released, with bigger and better casino scams. It is said that he managed to rake in over $15 million throughout his various scams. However, it was not worth it as he paid the price by serving numerous prison terms.

Roulette Cheats

Many have tried to tilt the odds of the roulette table in their favour. With simple cheats emerging, some of them include the following:

  • Distracting the croupier to slide out bets, even after bets are closed.
  • Using the ball’s position to establish a small range of numbers as to where it will land.

More complicated scams involve portable computers that involve using the position and speed of the ball to predict where the ball will fall.

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Blackjack Switching Cheats

This does not include the Blackjack Switch variant. In this case, a team of cheaters work together ensuring that two members at the table switch their cards. By doing this, their aim is to improve one of the two hands, allowing for an almost definite winner. The team members that did not take part in the switching process are there to distract casino employees.

Cheats at Poker

The game of poker has always fallen victim scheming, particularly when stakes are high. How the cheat used to take place was when two or more players would get together whereby they would use signals to inform each other of the strength of their hand.

These players would then bet and raise their bets in a way that would either scare other players causing them to pull out. Alternatively, they would bet and raise and split the profits with other players. Additionally, they would bet and raise just to get more information on the hand of their opponent.

Cheating at its Best

This cheat saw a man named Tommy Carmichael rake in millions after he invented a light wand. This cheat worked specifically for pokies machines. His wand was able to be inserted directly into the pokies machine. The wand would then trick it into paying out average payouts of a round, about $100 at a time.

However, once caught, he too received quite a bit of jail time for his illegal habits.

Cheat by Dice Sliding

A way to cheat in craps, by throwing the dice in a specific way. When one throws the dice so that one slides down the table, in other words, the number does not change as it slides instead of rolls. When referring to the dice sliding cheat, it is found that one die will slide while the other rolls.

By doing this, the player minimises the combinations possible, creating a greater edge. It is often found that with this scam, the casino employees are involved, whereby they intentionally ignore the dice sliding. However, new croupiers that are not yet experienced to pick these things up may also overlook this.

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Baccarat Cheat

In the early 2000s, a group called the Tran Organisation bribed baccarat dealers to perform reshuffles. It is almost impossible to cheat at baccarat, and that is why bribes were put into play, allowing the Tran Organisation to net in over $15 million.

Not a Cheat

Blackjack card counting is often mistaken to be a cheat. However, it is merely a strategy to assist gamblers gameplay. However, casinos do not like to condone it as they are in the business of making money and this strategy lowers their house edge significantly.


If you are caught cheating, you will rightfully serve jail time. Make sure that you always involve yourself in ethical gameplay and if you are unsure as to whether or not you are allowed to do something, read up on it. We all just want to have fun and perhaps win some money, if you know of strategies that can lower the house edge, feel free to put them into practice. However, you should make sure, just in case that you do not get caught as casinos prefer to have the upper hand.