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The Fibonacci Strategy is practiced by many Australian gamblers. This system is also referred to as the negative progression system. How this betting strategy works is, a player is required to increase their wagers whenever they lose a bet. It is considered to be a high-risk strategy when compared to others. The Fibonacci betting system can be applied to online casino games such as blackjack, craps and roulette.

Leonardo of Pisa and Fibonacci

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The History of the Fibonacci Betting System

The systems name originated from Leonardo Pisano, an Italian mathematician, who was also referred to as Leonardo of Pisa and Fibonacci. The first publications of this system can be traced as far back as 1202, whereby it could be found in Pisano’s book “Liber Abaci” or in the English “Book of Calculations”. However, the sequence also seems to appear in the Sanskrit found in Indian mathematics which can be traced back to 200BC.

Surprisingly, the Fibonacci sequence can be applied to far more than just mathematics. In fact, it also appears in nature. This is apparent if one were to look at the way in which rabbits multiply, or the patterns found in tree branches and flower petals. Further, Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man” is based on the Fibonacci sequence.

In more recent times, this system is used by Australian casino player, as well as gamblers worldwide to assist in making wins on their favourite casino games.

How Does the Fibonacci Sequence Work?

Even though this system is not considered to be the easiest or the simplest to understand, once learned it can be applied to your game play. Simply put, the Fibonacci system looks at whenever you have suffered a loss, you increase the size of your wager. By doing this, you should eventually win back your previous two lost bets. Unlike the Martingale system, which allows you to win back the total sum of all bets lost.

To make it easier to remember this system, we recommend that you write it down, considering that you are required to remember a sequence of numbers. Thereafter, you will need to keep in mind the necessary steps to ensure that you move through the number sequence correctly.

Fibonacci Sequence

So, to get you started, you will have to keep in mind that the Fibonacci sequence works on the sum of the two previous numbers in the sequence. Keep in mind that each number represented in the sequence represents a betting unit. Here is a simple example of what the sequence would look like.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144.

If you were to undertake a single betting unit of AU$10, it would look like this:

AU$10, AU$10, AU$20, AU$30, AU$50, AU$80, AU$130, AU$210, AU$340, AU$550, AU$890, etc.

Steps to the Fibonacci Betting Sequence

The best way to use this strategy would be to use the following steps:

  1. Select a singular betting unit that you wish to use.
  2. To determine this amount, you will need to have a decent idea of your budget.
  3. Start with a low betting unit such as AU$10 or AU$20 to minimise your losses on the negative progression.
  4. Determine how much money you would be willing to lose.
  5. Winning or losing will determine as to whether you go up or down the sequence.
  6. When you lose, you will go up one unit in the sequence.
  7. When you win, you will move down two units in the sequence.
  8. If you are at the beginning of the sequence and do not yet have two spaces in the sequence to move down after winning, simply start the sequence again.

Fibonacci Sequence Casino strategy

Pros and Cons of Using the Fibonacci Sequence

With every strategy that Aussie players implement when playing their favourite online casino game, there will be pros and cons. Here are a few to keep in mind before applying the Fibonacci sequence to your game play.


  • Once you understand it the method is quite simple to follow.
  • Profits are small but consistent.


  • There is a potential of losing a lot of money if you are on a losing streak.
  • The more you lose, the higher your betting amount is.

Fibonacci Sequence in a Nutshell

If you decide to implement this sequence, there is no reason that you shouldn’t come out with more money than you started with. If you are worried about suffering losses, then it is very important that you establish a budget and stick to it. So, why not try this betting system at one of our highly recommended casinos listed on the Top Aus website today!

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