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The flat betting system is popular among Aussie gamblers for its simplicity. This online betting strategy is all about making even bets. These bets don’t follow any specific positive or negative progression. Simply put, the flat betting system requires you to establish an amount that you will bet before the game has even begun. Your chosen amount will be the amount you bet every time you play.

Facts About the Flat Betting System

Although the betting value remains the same, it is vital to ensure that the player makes the correct decision when deciding on where the bet should be placed. It is here that the cover the table strategy should come in handy. More so, the best way to use this betting system would be to cover the table with your flat bet.

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How to Implement the Flat Betting Strategy

If you are unsure of how the flat betting system works, perhaps the following steps could be of some assistance. For this example, we will be applying the flat betting system to the roulette casino table game:

  1. Establish a bankroll.
  2. Let’s imagine that you have AU$500 in your wallet and you wish to bet AU$20 on each wager made on the roulette wheel.
  3. Your best move would be to place AU$ 20 on the first 12 numbers and on the first two streets.
  4. The numbers being wagered on will be one to 12.
  5. The streets being wagered on will be 20 to 22 and 30 to 32.
  6. If the ball happens to land between one and 12, you will win a payout of 2:1. However, you will lose out on the street bets, which ultimately means that you will break even.
  7. Should none of your betted numbers be hit by the roulette ball, you will lose your bets.
  8. However, if the ball were to land on numbers, 20, 21, 22, 30, 31 and 32. Then this will result in a payout of 11:1, amounting to a payout of AU$220. Resulting in an AU$180 profit for that spin alone.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Using the Flat Betting Strategy

When trying out a new betting strategy, it is important that you remain patient. Practice the system before risking much real money. Nothing ever went well by throwing caution to the wind. Keep in mind that a large portion of winning and losing these casino games, is based on luck. What is important about the flat betting system is, whether you are on a winning or a losing streak, you employ restraint. It is important that you fight the urge to put your bet amount higher. Reason being is that this system looks at lowering the risk as much as possible when you play.

Blackjack Flat Betting

So, as we know, flat betting is all about keeping your bet amount the same. Some may argue that the fun lies in the spontaneity of betting in Blackjack. However, this puts you at a far higher risk. When it comes to employing the flat betting system in Blackjack, it would be a good idea to consider the following benefits.

Lowering the House Edge

Unknown to some, is that depending on the Blackjack variant that you have chosen, the house edge differs. Therefore, the interest of the player should always be on playing a blackjack variant with the lowest house edge.

More so, house edge is not everything, as we know, a lot relies on luck and ability when it comes to winning.  So, why not use your ability to assist you in lowering the house edge, for your benefit? By doing making use of the flat betting system, your chances of winning the house edge in the long run are higher.

Selecting a Betting Amount

When it comes to gambling of any kind, you will want to make sure that you bet the right amount on each wager. Reason being is that you need to ensure that you know how much money you can spend. Thereafter, you can split it up so that you know how much of your Aussie dollars you would like to spend. By doing this, you ensure that should you hit a patch of unfortunate luck, that you are covered and do not have to end your night early.

Not only do we suggest setting a betting budget, but also a budget of your time. Keep in mind that a blackjack round is generally over very quickly, making it easy for you not only to lose track of time, but also your budget. That is why we at Top Aus recommend that you keep a close eye on both, so as not to end up risking too much. It is often suggested that you think of sticking to a 100 hand rule. By doing this, you will be able to more effectively split your budget by 100 to know how much to bet on each round. That is why, for instance, if you were to have a budget of 200, you would start each hand at AU$2. Remember that, the more you stick to round numbers, the easier it will be for you to keep track of your money.

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Pros and Cons of the Flat Betting Strategy

Along with any casino betting strategy, comes a list of pros and cons to think about before putting it into practice.


  • It is simple and user-friendly to practice.
  • There are few steps to remember.
  • No great betting losses to recover from.


  • Due to the system’s design, the player will start to lose over a long period of time.
  • It is not a good strategy for those needing a challenge.

Flat Betting System Overall

Overall, the flat betting system is a great one to employ if you do not want to risk too much money or time on an online casino game. It is important to remember that this system is only effective for a short period, so be sure to budget your time as well.

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