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The Paroli Betting System is a strategy that is highly regarded by Australian gamblers. This betting system has a positive progression. In some instances, this strategy is referred to as the Reverse Martingale System. The strategy works on even money wagers. For more insight into how this betting system works, read here.

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Paroli Betting System – Facts

The best way to apply a betting system is to know absolutely everything about it.

  • Paroli is a positive betting system.
  • When a win is achieved players need to double their bets.
  • When experiencing a loss, a flat bet is placed.
  • You do not require a large bankroll to apply this betting system.
  • Losses are generally quite small.
  • Table limits do not get in the way when it comes to using this strategy.
  • This game can be applied to table games of chance such as:

Paroli Betting System

Using the Paroli Betting System

If you are new to this betting system, then we here at Top Aus Casinos have it all for you in this easy step-by-step guide below:

  1. Decide on your base stake.
  2. After you make a win, be sure to double up your bet.
  3. Once you have made three consecutive wins, you should stop raising your bets.
  4. Once you have lost, bet your base stake.

Paroli Strategy Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to everything in life. So, here are a few advantages and disadvantages that you can expect when you employ this betting system.


  • It is simple and easy to learn.
  • Your bankroll does not need to be substantial.
  • It takes advantage of your winning streaks.
  • You can make consistent and small wins.
  • There is no chasing of losses.
  • Your risks of suffering financially after big losses are largely minimised.


  • This system only generates short-term losses.
  • It does not always assist players to generate wins.
  • Your bankroll can quickly decrease.

Paroli System in a Nutshell

After reviewing this online betting system, we at Top Aus Casinos recommend that you try it next time you gamble. It is clear that the cons are far sparser than the pros. So, why not give it a try today? You could be going home with a lot more real money in your pockets than you had expected.

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