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Since the Roulette table game first emerged, there have been players trying to think of Roulette betting systems to win with. Aussie players have tried to pick up patterns and sequences within the game so that they could potentially predict the outcome of the next spin. By being able to predict the outcome of the following spin, players would be able to bet accordingly to get the most money out of their roulette gaming experience.

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Types of Roulette Betting Systems

When placing bets at a roulette table there are two different strategies that you could follow; a progressive or regressive strategy.

Progressive Strategy

A progressive strategy expects players to raise their betting amount after they experience a win. Alternatively, if you lose, you are required to lower your betting amount. These betting systems are considered to be superior as it allows you to take advantage of a winning streak. What makes this Roulette betting system great is that players mainly risk their winnings while their bankroll remains intact.

Examples of these strategies are:

Regressive Strategy

A regressive strategy on the other hand, requires you to raise the stakes if you lose and lower them when you win. The reasoning behind this is, because you have experienced a loss you should bet more so that you can cover your losses with a win.

Examples of these strategies are:

Using Roulette Betting Systems

When employing a Roulette betting system, you may find yourself being very lucky with the outcome of the games. However, the Roulette betting strategies are put into place more to reduce your losses than to assist you to win. By reducing your losses, you will leave the casino a far happier gambler.


Roulette betting systems are good strategies to put into practice. Reason being is that they can assist you in minimising your losses and perhaps help you to maximise on your wins. We at Top Aus Casinos highly recommend that you put some of these strategies to use when you play Roulette at your favourite online casino for real money.

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