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The Northern Territory of Australia is a massive area of land that is larger than France, Spain and Italy combined. It is quite a sparsely populated area with only around 250 000 people located in countless small towns. The main city of the Northern Territory is Darwin, which is a fairly large and modern city.

The scenery is very diverse as well with some tropical areas in the north and vast areas of red desert. Because the area is so large, this means that for many residents, a casino could be a day’s drive, so Online Casinos have become very popular.

Northern Territories Landscape

Online Gambling in Northern Territory

Thankfully the Northern Territory is able to use Online Casinos just like the rest of the country. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 is a federal law that is enforced in the Northern Territory but it only limits Australian companies who wish to operate online gambling services.

It does not prevent players from accessing these services from International Online Casinos, so players can enjoy Online Gambling without fear of persecution from the Law.

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Land-Based Casino in Northern Territory

As previously mentioned, the vast distances in the Northern Territory make land-based casinos less viable, because many people live so far away from them. However, there are two really great land-based casinos that are available for players to use in the Northern Territory.

There’s SkyCity in Darwin, as well as Lasseters Casino that is located in Alice Springs. Both of these casinos offer fantastic accommodation, live entertainment and great bars and restaurants. You’ll find a wide selection of pokies and table games, so any journey to these casinos will be well worth it.

Northern Territories Darwin

Frequently asked Questions about Gambling in Northern Territory

  • Who regulates gambling in the Northern Territory?
  • Up until 2015, all gambling was regulated by the Northern Territory Licensing Commission, which was dissolved in January 2015. Since then, regulating the industry has fallen to an appointed Director-General, who ensures that casinos are properly licensed and players are protected from unfair gaming practices.
  • Is online gambling legal in the Northern Territory?
  • Yes, it is, players can enjoy their favorite Online Casino without worrying about getting into trouble with the law. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 only restricts what Australian companies can do but does nothing to restrict the players.
  • What is the minimum legal gambling age?
  • As with the rest of Australia, a player needs to be 18 years or older to participate in real-money gambling, whether it’s sport betting or playing at a casino.
  • What about the future of gambling in the Northern Territory?
  • The future is looking great but don’t expect any more land-based casinos to pop up. Instead, there is an ever-growing number of Online Casinos for Northern players to enjoy. It is also highly unlikely at this stage that the law will change to prevent players from enjoying Online Gambling.

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